Mount Hagen will soon become a no go zone. That is because of no leadership, management and order. People are not feeling safe anymore. Are there plans in place to bring the city forward?

Local MPs Koi Trappe (Mul - Baiyer), William Duma (Hagen), Wesley Nukundi (Dei) and Win Bakri Daki (Tambul - Nebilyer) should all come together to discuss this issue and feel responsible. William Duma is not responsible for the city.

Duma's DSIP of K10 million does not include the city. He gets his cut same as other MPs and he has nothing to do with the city. Duma has his Hagen electorate to take care. Governor Paias Wingti who acts and behave like a special person, he does not know how to come down very low to the people. Wingti wants praise from the people when he doesn't know how to fit into people's shoes, he is hard to catch and boast a lot without doing anything.

He should arrange the MPs and plan what best they can do and allocate funding. The national government provides grants for the city and funds are parked at the provincial treasury. Acting Hagen council city manager Peter Noki should explain further on that. Currently there are two separate bodies in charge of the city which is the Hagen council headed by Peter Noki and the newly established city authority headed by the chief executive officer Leo Noki. Both Peter and Leo are playing the blame game and pinpointing on each other and this is where are seeing rubbish piling up and informal markets popping up like mushroom right in the heart of the city.

Can Peter and Leo explain the existing of the two informal markets one at Pope Paul oval which druggies called it animal or pig dog market and the other at Queen Elizabeth Park. Who is collecting the tax? What about the rubbish piling up and who is responsible? I see that these two markets are controlled by druggies and steam bodies.

Women and children can hardly sell because of three or four times of tax collected daily by several groups of young men. Provincial police commander Jacob Kamiak needs to be replaced immediately because his command is so weak and cannot contain serious law and order issues. We need action and a active command to be in place. Serious petty crimes like pick - pocketing, bag snatching, young men in groups threatening people with knives and walk away with their belongings and major killings are taking place almost on weekly and sometimes on daily basis.

Main bus stop are the worst areas where innocent people fall victim. Police have failed miserably to seriously look into it because the command is weak and PPC Kamiak needs to be replaced. There is no order here, Hagen is facing serious law and order problem. It is a total breakdown. No one cares.

Are our leaders still in their deep sleep? Tambul - Nebilyer, Mul - Baiyer and Dei does not have a town of their own and these MPs should give their assistance because this is where their people come to benefit from the services. No one is going to do it if leaders expect a miracle. I would also like to thank our business men Max Kumbamang, Glen Komunga, Paul Ruing and Pet Duckwarth for developing Hagen.

These guys have been around and have a heart for Hagen, thump up for your efforts. Also thank you to Bintangor and Dae Won for investing millions of Kina in this province. People, Hagen is no longer "kona kai" it is turning out to become a breeding ground for criminals and serious pretty crimes... Hagen is becoming one of the most dangerous place on earth..

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