The National Executive Council made a decision to abolish twenty-two (22) Local Government Level wards of the Lai-Mariand wards in Kandep District, Enga Province. The O’Neil Government’s decision NO.6/2019 was made on the 21st January 2019 in a Special meeting no.10/2019 to abolish these wards. From the 52 LLG wards, the number will be reduced to 30. The number of voting population affected here is more than 15000 people. That means these 15000 eligible voters will have no LLG ward council representation, neither their names enrolled in the common rolls.

In 2005, through an exhaustive legal and administrative process, the 28 council wards were created for Kandep Rural LLG, whilst 200 wards were created in other LLGs throughout PNG and were gazetted simultaneously.

During the same period the Hela and Jiwaka Provinces were created. All process in law were followed (now deemed illegal) and complied with. These Kandep wards were established by the people themselves through much liaison and consultation.

The NEC decided that all these 28 LLGs wards for Kandep were illegally established, and therefore decided to abolish them. But the Enga PEC and NEC deliberately retained 6 wards of the 28. Well this is not an assumption, people in Government Offices should try and confirm this findings.

These 6 wards were the only ones exceptionally found to be legally constituted except for the 22 which were abolished. But there is a glaring problem in the decision, these 6 retained wards from areas where for current seating MP, Hon Alfred Manase’s clans (mother and father), and from his support base clans.

This ill-motivated decision by the NEC has happened in the eve of two important political events taking place for Kandep.
First, Kandep Open election petition is before the court. The situation is volatile, two (2) policemen, 30 civilians were killed and properties worth millions lost and destroyed during the counting and after the counting of the Kandep Open Seat. Many more many other bad things happened due to the rigging of the 2017 Elections by the PNC Led Government.

The Enga Provincial Government together with the Administration are aware of this volatile situation and still they see fit to make this changes in the LLG Wards. In fact, the changes made above are all wards that fall under Don’s bases. The mediation officers of Enga who mediated to stop the Election Related Tribal Fight are fully aware of terms of the cease fire. The Enga Provincial Government must not start these events again and become a catalyst to start another warfare.

Secondly, LLG Elections are set to be held in the next few weeks, maybe in months. The LLG elections under these circumstances with 22 wards abolished will be the best recipe for disaster in the whole of Kandep which will definitely spill over to the whole of Enga like we have witnessed recently.
The clans and Tribes whose Wards affected are the Kambrips, Aimbareps, Alitips, Tartails, Maombs and Mauls, this represents all of Lai-Mariand area.

Kandep is not owned by Lafred Manase, or Don Polye, its owned by the People of Kandep,

Enga is not owned by Ipatas, its owned by the People of Enga.

PNG is not owned by O'Neil, its owned by the people of Papua New Guinea.

If your a Patriot out there see these actions as obstruction to fair representation of our people, let rise up and fight this corrupt individuals who occupy these offices.

Serving your own interest to serve longer without the mandate from the people is something not Democratic, therefore, the decisions made by both Enga PEC and the NEC should be reversed and shelved.

Leaders are supposed to serve the interest of the people, not apply divide and rule tactics. If you can do this, you should simply step down, IPATAS and O’Neil.

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