The current PNC party led government's policies are disastrous for the country in the longer term. Those political parties supporting the PNC led government are only there for their own personal selfish and greedy needs and not really for the long term sustainable development of the country.

All the smoke screen and over-inflated infrastructure developments going on in Port Moresby and the projects launchings and ground breakings at the moment are not the true reflection of the economic development of the country. Even the current World Bank economic predictions are not a true reflection of the country's economy. Its predictions are based mostly on extractive resources development forecasts rather than the actual day to day standard of living and the strength of the Kina currency.

In real terms of our country's potential economic gains, it will always be skewed towards foreign resources development multinational companies/corporations. This unfortunately is a reflection of the many useless deals made by our governments with those foreign resources development multinational companies/corporations. These bad deals were made by persons with ulterior motives that end up disenfranchising our land owners and even our provincial and national government

Frankly, our country is loosing more money to foreign multinational companies/organisations and from servicing bad debts created by our own governments (past and present).

At this moment in time, in reality, there is nothing tangible to celebrate about from this reckless PNC party led government, who has gone out of its way to borrow more money under the guise of development than it actually need.

Our country therefore, needs a complete change of government and complete change in economic and developmental policies. This I am afraid, cannot be achieved by the PNC party led government presently.

Our political leaders in parliament need to look beyond the smoke screen created by this PNC party led government as well as by certain individuals both in government and outside of government who are hell-bent towards their own little empire building projects and not for the collective good of our country and support the call for a change of government in the coming vote of no confidence on Prime Minister Peter O'Neill.

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