Recently, Prime Minister Peter O'Neill seem to be in a rush launching project around parts of the country, knowing that the Opposition political parties in parliament will be moving a vote of no confidence against him in the next sitting of parliament in May 2019.....Politically, it may look good to the illiterate population to see the Prime Minister launching projects and making grand promises but economically it is certainly disastrous for the country.

Many people don't realise that the funding source for these projects are not generated internally within PNG but are from loan money borrowed from outside PNG.

It is good to start projects but the financial burden of repaying these project loans are now passed on to the taxpayers of the country who are already overburdened by the struggling weak Kina currency against all major foreign currencies and the ever-rising costs of living in what is already a difficult economic climate in PNG.

A large portion of the population of the country is not in any form of steady employment. With rising unemployment in the country, the fundamental issue of solving the unemployment problem has not been adequately addressed by Prime Minister Peter O'Neill's government. In simple economic terms, when a country has more people employed and working to earn a living, the government has the potential to increase its tax revenue. Also, a reduction in the tax burden on businesses ( local companies and foreign companies) will enable more businesses to be set up in PNG, which will create more jobs for the people in the country.

We know that the government of Prime Minister Peter O'Neill has no solid plan in creating sustainable economic development and employment opportunities for the people of PNG but are hell bent in reducing the country's ability to be economically independent and productive.

At the moment, we have a PNC party led government who is running the country on borrowed money rather than creating money within the country to sensibly run the country and fund projects.

The important question now is, after these projects, where would they get money to maintain these projects and infrastructures? Will they go on borrowing more money again from outside PNG to force PNG to remain a poor dependent country forever? That would be a disaster for PNG!

Wake up PNG! Look beyond the political gimmick and stunt currently done by the Prime Minister and his PNC party under the guise of "projects".

Lies and political gimmicks will destroy the nation but truth, good economic policies, and genuineness will set the country free for sustainable economic development and growth.

May God bless Papua New Guinea.

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