Can this little midget be trusted by anyone ? Well knowing Simbus we are hospitable and friendly even a stranger who knocks on the door is given a room to sleep over for the night.
And if anyone knew the good and the bad about the Simbu people it was Peter O'Neill who was aloof about the goodness of the people of Simbu and befriended them to exploit and butcher them after getting what he wanted.

The former member for Kundiawa Gembogl Peter Waieng was the first victim being treacherously murdered while engaging in the construction business with the L & A group an outfit operated by the Cragnollinis based at 6 mile ,Port Moresby , where the late Waieng was operating his company office.

Attempts to trace the murder of Peter Waieng had been foiled and still remains a mystery to date.
The late Jeffrey Ekin Nape former member for SinaSina Yongomul , who served as a Speaker of Parliament for two terms atfter the vacancy by Sir William Skate , was an extraordinary character known for his good will and kindness , earning him the nick name of ' Santu ' was exploited by O'Neill to breach the constitution in usurping executive power by facilitating an unconstitutional election when there was no vacancy in the office of the prime minister to allow and accept the result of 02 of August 2011 sitting of parliament.

After the Supreme Court had nullified the election of Peter O'Neill as prime minister Nape had again fallen victim to O'Neills deceitful tactics to commit another illegal blunder in allowing the election of prime minister to reelect O'Neill causing a constitutional impasse which almost exploded into bloodshed with ethnic differences.

O'Neill had cunningly caused the death of Jeffrey Nape by lying to him that he would.make available funds to him to contest the SSY elections in 2017 which he never did causing great distress to Nape which caused his death in 2016.

Even before we laid the body of the late Nape to rest another son of Simbu had fallen victim to O'Neills treacherous tactics and died from exhaustion and high blood pressure.
Tangil Okuk , the eldest son of Sir Imbakey Okuk was deprived of his land titles and business development plans proposed by his company Awaks Holdings Limited after he had spent millions to develop the Ela beach development plan which had been stolen by this brainless Powes Parkop and O'Neill and had forfeited the land titles through a Compulsory State Acquisition using the plans submitted by Mr. Okuk to develop Ela Beach. Oneil appointed crook tkchenko as lands minister where crook tkchenko got suspened lands secretary quickly reappointed illegally only to cancel Okuk's title at ela beach.

After listening to repeated lies from O'Neill he had succumbed to death.
It is now obvious that this little Judas Iscariot is an enemy of the Simbu people as he has all Simbus holding executive positions in government departments and state owned entities.
Joe Wemin was the first to be replaced as MVIL CEO , followed by Dr. Clement Waine as Secretary of the Department of Public Enterprises. Henry Mokono from Eda Ranu and now Stanley Alphonse from PNG ports. Dr. Kora was the first to be removed as Secretary of National Planning then Simon Kauba who was acting Police Commissioner after Tom Kulunga took leave.
O'Neill ought to be reminded that the Simbu people were pioneers in the development of this nation and will continue to contribute in their own ways with or with you as you cannot take the brains out of them.

As for you we will do everything to reduce to rubbles.

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