Thank you Hon Bryan Kramer for your tireless efforts in making sure that Peter O'Neill no longer remains as Prime Minister of PNG.

By not voting for PM Marape today does not mean that you are against Hon. James Marape as a person or as Prime Minister but we understand why you did so because you did this out of integrity and honesty and you have set yourself free so that you can with a free conscience be critical to members from both sides of the parliament as an advocate and voice of the millions of voiceless citizens of PNG.

As a Madang I am proud of you for shining our Kalibobo Lighthouse light on the highest office in the land and bringing hope to the millions of people of our country. I am sure many of our people of Madang are equally happy for your steadfast stand to the end. You kept your word of honour and integrity which many politicians do not have.

We understand you will continue standing up for the voiceless in the Opposition benches to hold our members of parliament and our government accountable to the people of our country. With that you have received our greatest admiration.

By your own standing and integrity you have without doubt, have done something which no other members of parliament in the history of Papua New Guinea has done before! You have won the hearts and minds of the people of Papua New Guinea and have now set a clear path towards a massive landslide victory of the Allegiance Party in the coming 2022 general elections. Madang Electorate and Madang Province and PNG is behind you regardless of the nay sayers and haters.

May God bless you; May God bless the people of Papua New Guinea and may God bless our beautiful nation Papua New Guinea.

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