We all fell for Opposition Leader, Patrick Pruaitch when he was called "a Spineless Politician" by Former Prime Minister Peter ONeill.

If such where his accolades, add one more ....' Hypocrite'.

Patrick Pruaitch through his own actions (by design and default) connived with some like like-minded players in former PM Peter O'Neil and Hagen MP., William Duma to pull up a stunt at Parliament yesterday at the dismay and disbelief of nearly 80% of the 111 Member Parliament.

Thanks to Rabaul MP, Dr. Allan Marat and Moresby West MP and former Prime Minister, Sir Mekere Morauta who quelled what could have gone down as the 'biggest and most disappointing or cunning return of a resigned Prime Minister' in the history of this country.

GOD ALMIGHTY whom we declared as LORD in our Constitution prevailed and showed HIS Might and Power. May HE be Glorified.

If there lived in this generation a crop of deceitful liars and backstabbers, the players whose plans failed yesterday are surely the ones and we stand as a nation and pray that it was the first and the last we saw in the house of the people.

If their survival in politics was by deceit and lies, may they also fall and get humiliated by the same means.

The Prime Minister, Hon. James Marape, who then was the leader of the Laguna Camp gave all his trust to the Opposition leader from the day when they set up camp. Everything PMJM did was with the concurrence of the Opposition Leader (Pruaitch). But, he (PMJM) did not know how deceitful Pruaitch was until Willam Duma came along.

The telling indications at Laguna Camp were the rare act of participation at Camp by Vanimo Green MP., Belden Namah was something the Laguna Camp did not recognise. He (Namah) was the bridge between Duma, Pundari and O'Neil all these while.....birds of the same feather flock around each other.

Pruaitch knew the adjournments, the court cases (from which PMJM's initial nomination at Laguna was withdrawn). He was part of the all plan without anyone including his NA MPs knowledge. Only Namah knew.

Duma and (probably) John Pundari knew or followed through.

Everyone at Opposition and the Laguna Camp thought Pruaitch would do the honourable thing by proposing to the camp to resubmit the withdrawn notice to the Speaker. Instead, he announced that the scene was a new ball game and he then brought Duma and his URP and Pundari and Tomuresia came later. Only then Pruaitch used the numerical strength to bolster his elevation as Alternate Government's nominee.

In the process, the devil in them did not complete his task. The devil ran confusion into their minds when Pruaitch selected Duma to be his shadow Deputy over Marape. Only then the 28 strong men were made aware of the ploy.


The events at Parliament could have ended up distasteful and a trainwreck however it was avoided once Sir Mekere was nominated.

We have tried to do some investigation to find out why Peter O'Neill was nominated after Marape was nominated and this is what happened; When Duma realised that Marape and Pangu moved to secure their candidacy with Crown group of PPP, MA and PNC they quickly came with a plan to pull the rug under Marape.

Patrick Pruitich, Beldon and Duma rang O'Neill and agreed to put up O'Neill and there would be a dual contest between Marape and O'Neill believing O'Neill will beat Marape.

They did not know that Marat, Lino and Kua were also going to nominate Sir Mekere. Once realizing that Mekere was a candidate and fearing this could all end wrong and Mekere might end up being the Prime Minister which would be O'Neill's worst nightmare, he quickly withdrew his nomination clearing the way for Marape to easily win the election.

What we learn from this exercise today, Marape true numbers would of come from PPP (Chan), MA ( Basil) and his band of 29 Laguna and Wingti,Pato, Haveita.

The Spoilers are, NA, PNC, URP and some of the minor players.

In Politics loyalty is few and far between....so if you see a little bit of it....hold on to it because it will come in handy in the future when you are down.

Having said that, I Congratulate the Conductor, the Son of Hela, Hon. James Marape on your elevation as the 8th Prime Minister of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea.

And on the same note, I humbly salute the Elder of Hela Tribe (Huli's and Opene's), Grand Chief Sir Peter Ipatas for displaying a fathers role....when PMJM rang at 12 midnight when I was with Sir Peter on the 15th Floor Executive Club, he told PM Marape...."Nothing is over yet".

Rest is history now.

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