Press Statement by JAMES MARAPE MP
"We have intelligence that the government might sabotage the Parliament sitting process. We are not stupid lame sitting duck, we have heard that they are trying to use sabotage as a way of disturbing parliament on Tuesday, The numbers have shifted, just to the fairest thing, I appeal to Prime Minister Peter O'Neill, do not drag the country to unnecessary stress, by the shift of numbers, the majority of people in this country are being this camp. Don't stress yourself and do not stress government agencies, just complete the process of resigning that you have announced today, don't bring someone who is a founding father of the nation and put him as a face up there, honor your word, by 9 o'clock tomorrow go to Government Haus tender your resignation.

Governor General signs off, gazette it, hold the gazette, announce to the country that I've done the most honorable thing, I have 14 ministers of my cabinet resigned, I got governors of my regions resigning, I got 63 members who are no longer with me and I have resigned and that is very honorable, you have said many many times that leadership is not about you, its about the country, now we asking you to do the honorable thing, complete the process of resignation that you have announced.

All state agencies, Secretary Ngangan (Finance) I am looking at you, Secretary David Were (Works) I am looking at you, they (Pruaitch) was polite in not calling your name, you are now dealing with a man who fights, every other secretary just play by the books"

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