My Observations on Recent Political Developments


My observation on the most recent development on the two camps regarding the two camps vying to form the next government.

It is me Don Pomb Polye again. I have been out of participating in the forum for some time,

Some very relevant but Outstanding issues that need to be addressed immediately. It is unfair and misleading for the people of PNG if not brought to the surface:

1. If Hon Charles Abel is the Government choice for PM, obviously he will be a PNC member candidate for PM. If O'Neill remains then O'Neill and PNC remain in power by number strength.

2. Hon. James Marape being now nominated as the Opposition's nominee for the PM'S position, NEEDS to inform PNG if he is still PNC Party MP, or has joined another Party or formed a new Party. Likewise, all the 29 PNC party defect MPS need to determine their positions immediately.
To overlook this issue is not in the best interest of PNG. We all need to lead by example of developing a political Party culture in PNG. It is the political Party system that develops and implements policies when in Government. The PNC MPs under Marape in structuring themselves into a Party is a Political NEED for crafting and executing policy platforms.

3. At present it appears the whole of PNG is dragged into PETER O'NEILL PNC PARTY CAUCUS MEETING WITH HIMSELF, CHARLES ABEL AND JAMES MARAPE ALL MEMBERS OF THE PNC PARTY FIGHTING FOR LEADERSHIP OF THEIR PARTY. Looks not right to the Nation.The silence of the PNC Party MPs defects creates a variety of misperceptions when they all appear to be either independent or still Members of the PNC Party.

4. We need Hon James Marape and the 28 or so defects from PNC Party to join a party or form a party of their own. They NEED to assure the nation that they will eradicate or minimise all forms of corruption the PNC Party policies and ideologies have brought about that destroys the nation. We need the following done by the new government::

- prosecute UBS loan and those...who perpetrated illegal and corrupt activities, The illegal loan must be made illegal and the K3billion loan money repaid with interests.

-apply the Proceeds of Crime Act to recoup all stolen money, stolen by anyone regardless of Party affiliations etc

- cancellation of the Papua LNG Project Agreement. A national gas Agreement needs to be done properly.

- prosecute and jail lawbreakers. All lawbreakers whether be national or expatriate, local or foreigner must be punished ...

- restore the rule of law and institutions of governance.

- corruption, poor Governance and lack of accountability must be addressed promptly and perpetrators of poor governance etc need to be tried etc,

-many other crimes need prosecution as well.

Therefore the question is;

Can PNC party members do the above and move against a PNC Party regime that ??? Can the PNC Party do justice against itself??? Most unlikely that PNC Party will prosecute PNC Party.

PNG needs a different Party to address such and other issues. Definitely, NOT PNC PARTY to address its own shortfalls.

5. Today, on their first day on the floor of Parliament, I am sure the defected PNC Party MPs felt it was psychologically difficult to address issues whilst still being members of PNC Party.

Therefore I urge PM Nominee Hon James Marape and his colleagues to consider the issues that I have raised

The people of PNG want to hear them sell their POLICIES on their New Party platform.

Don Pomb Polye

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