To-date Prime Minister Peter O'Neill has yet to issue an official statement disputing my claims he is an Australian citizen and holding an Australian passport.

Yesterday, when O'Neill's Australian Chief Media Officer, Chris Hawkins was asked if the Prime Minister would provide a statement in response to my article, Hawkin's responded "the Attorney General has addressed this obvious fake news"

Interesting enough Hawkin's is solely charged with authoring and issuing press statements on behalf of Prime Minister Peter O'Neill.

However, on this particular issue he remains silent suggesting the Attorney General Alfred Manase will deal with it.

So how is the Attorney General Alfred Manase addressing it?

Yesterday, he staged a press conference to announce a veil threat that he will not hesitate to refer me for prosecution for spreading fake news concerning O'Neill citizenship status.

"Members of Parliament and more particular the Member for Madang who is spreading such fake news that are intended to mislead the members of the public." Manase said.

What evidence does Manase base his statement that my claims are fake news?

Short answer is none?

Manase says I made it without any substantive proof and he therefore encourages all media organisations to be careful how they perpetrate scandalous comments by responding it.

Where it gets rather amusing is that Manase goes on to say in light of the very the Facebook post he is believes is fake and warning the media not to report on, he has written to Minister for Immigration Petrus Thomas to initiate a review and citizenship status of all 111 Members of Parliament.

Manase goes on to explain that if they are found to have dual citizenship status then they will be dealt with according to the Constitution and laws of Papua New Guinea.

When questioned by members of the media on the status of O'Neill's citizenship Manase says:

"Prime Minister does not have dual citizenship"

When asked but how does he you know this, Manase pauses then responds:

"that is the advise I received from the Prime Minister"

My Response:

So there is no confusion, Attorney General, Chief Legal Officer of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea declares that my claim Peter Charles O'Neill is an Australian Citizen is fakes news because I made it without any substantive proof.

Meanwhile when asked how does he know Prime Minister Peter O'Neill is not a dual citizen of Australia he says because he told him so.

So what substantive proof did O'Neill provide Manase when making that claim of innocence? None.

I've heard of some dumb responses but this one certainly takes the cake.

One would think the Attorney General would have said he has received written letter from the Australian Immigration confirming Peter O'Neill is not and never has been an Australian citizen.

In response to the Attorney General's threat to prosecute me over my post, he may need to get in line behind O'Neill. As I noted earlier O'Neill has filed enough complaints against me, problem he will have is that I can prove them.

What was the purpose of the Attorney General press statement about reviewing citizenship status of 111 Members of Parliament?

In my view, firstly to misdirect the issue away from Peter O'Neill and secondly, I'm aware that are there numerous other Members of Parliament who also have dual citizenship status, given the vote of no confidence is a week away O'Neill may use it as political leverage against those who may vote against him.

In the meantime I'd like to advise the good Member for Kandep and recently appointed Attorney General Alfred Manase the last place he wants to find himself is between myself and Peter O'Neill.

While he says I have no substantive proof, last time I checked he the Chief Legal officer of Government of Papua New Guinea and not personal lawyer of accused Peter O'Neill's. Citizenship issues are personal matters and nothing to do with the State.

It is an issue O'Neill will be required to answer to on the floor of Parliament and in a Court of Law.

2pm today Members of Opposition including Shadow Minister of Foreign Affairs & Immigration Dr Allan Marat who I have briefed on this issue will stage a press conference to make our position clear regarding O'Neill's citizenship status.

If there is one thing I know about Peter O'Neill is that when he is guilty of some thing he will always go into hiding, as he has done in this case.

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