O'Niell with his lawyer Tiffiney think we in this country are all stupid and only them are the wise, mighty and gatekeepers of knowledge and wisdom.

They think that because O'Neill has a PNG passport and has been issued with an Aussie visa to travel to Australia means he is not an Aussie citizen. This is a fundamentally flawed premise because the issue here is not about which passport he is using or what country's visa he has been issued with. The issue here is, "Is O'Neill a dual PNG and Aussie citizen?" He says in the papers that he is a PNG citizen but does not deny or confirm also being an Aussie citizen?

Of course, we know he is a PNG citizen, it's a no brainer but is he also an Aussie citizen? The issuance of visa is not an issue because it depends on which passport he is using. In O'Niell's case, he has been using the PNG passport so it's only logical that he has been issued an Aussie visa. When travelling he would have to tick NO on the question of "Are you an Australian citizen?" on the immigration form available on all international flight in/out of this country.

This doesn't mean he can't be a dual citizen but the question is limited to the passport being used on that particular occasion. O'Neill doesn't need an Aussie passport to be an Aussie citizen, he can be an Aussie citizen without a passport. He only needs one passport for international travel purposes and in this case, he would obviously use the PNG passport because he is the CEO of PNG and therefore has to have Aussie visa to travel to Australia.

We don't issue passports to all the 8.5 million people of this country to prove their citizenship. Passports are optional for ID and travel purposes only. I have friends who are dual citizens of Australia and other countries and they don't all have 2 passports but the only one which they use for travel purposes. What they have published today on the papers is a litany of technical lies to deceive and sway public opinion. In the midst of this

I also give credit to O'Neill and his lawyer Tiffiney for telling us that you need a visa to travel to Australia using a PNG passport because that part is true which is a very rare thing for a pathological liar but that does not address the dual citizenship issue which is at the crux of Krammes social and mainstream media onslaught. My personal judgement for now is: O'Neill is a dual citizen and has been illegally occupying office not only as PM but also for the seat of Ialibu/Pangia electorate.

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