Selection of Marape reflects our Melanesian value of decision making by CONSENSUS

by Martyn Namorong

All political leaders at Laguna have done Papua New Guinea proud by reflecting our Melanesian hausman value of decision making by consensus.

Whilst many outside Laguna may have anticipated the western practice of casting a secret ballot, our wise leaders at Laguna borrowed from our own traditional values.

Our consensus based decision making is what has kept our societies strong and united for much of the 50,000 years of our existence on our Mother Land.

With the introduction of the western adversarial decision making where the winner takes all, we have seen many problems. We see problems during our western styled elections, western styled court decisions and every other western influenced decision making process.

In choosing Marape by consensus instead of a secret ballot, the Alternate Government has consolidated its unity and resolve for a common purpose -replacing the PM and Saving PNG.

Consensus brings leaders together instead of creating winners and losers. Everyone is a winner.

In making their first most important decision, the Alternate Government is sending a strong signal to the nation that the Constitution is Supreme and we must reflect PNG' s Five National Goals and Directive Principles in how we govern our great nation.

PNG's Fifth National Goal and Directive Principle calls on every Papua New Guinean to reflect Our Papua New Guinean Ways in how we conduct our selves and govern our country. The Alternate Government leaders have paid homage to this National Goal and Directive Principle.

I am pleased that the Party of one of our Founding Father Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare (National Alliance) continues to promote that legacy of the values and principles upon which this nation was founded.

It is also great to see that someone like Sir Mekere Morauta who was leading parts of the executive government during early years of Independence is helping to restore the Supremacy of the Constitution after it had been destroyed by O'Neill in 2011.

But lets not steal the limelight from James Marape and his people of Hela.

The Hela were some of the last people in PNG to have European contact. One of the first Europeans to meet them was Jim Taylor during his patrol in 1937. His daughter Dame Meg Taylor would decades later follow in his footsteps to visit the Hela people. In her documentary In My Father's Footsteps, she would describe the Hela as being thrust into the 20th century at the speed a bullet that her father fired.

Today James Marape and his people are being thrust to the pinnacle of national leadership in Biblically prophetic terms -for the last shall be first.

PNG has a proud history that has brought us to this unique moment. Let us hope all our leaders in Parliament do not throw away this golden opportunity to restore our nation and secure a prosperous future.

Congratulations Hon. JAMES MARAPE, MP. Member for Tari Pori on your selection as nominee of the Alternate Government for PM post.

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