The Process of taking back the “Richest Christian Melanesian“ Nation on the Planet is on course!


To public including former politicians and public servants and so call advisers who are attempting to come to Laguna, there is no work for you here!

I am doing this revolution with like minded leaders who are Men with great conviction on what they want to do for their country; majority of my team members are Leaders who want to change the way our country must go from how we have come thus far the last 43 years!

Generations before me belong to the O’Neil generation, I am building a younger generation of leaders to maximum full potential of the country so that when my time is up these younger leaders can make our country greater, the ‘richest Melanesian Christian nation ‘ on planet earth.

I got enough young educated hands in my team , they have heart for the nation and they forfeiting their place in O’n government. Young educated leaders the likes of Davis Steven, Gary Juffa, Allan Bird, Bryan Kramer, William Powi, Dr Tongap, Peter Numu, Sasi Muthuval, Walter Schnaubelt, Joseph Lelang, Manasseh Makiba, Rainbo Paita, Dr Lino Tom, William Samb, Joe Sungi, Jimmy Uguro, Joseph Yopyyopy, Philip Undialu, Saki Soloma, Richard Medani, Dr Kobby Bomareo and others they are doing work to put the team together on how their country will be 10 years, 30 years, 50 years from now.

They have watched as children growing up in this country, since early 1970s how few leaders both elected and in public service have worked to the interest of corporate and foreign interest plus the syndicates of Waigani who feast on governments and changes of governments since 1980 to 2017.

These young group of leaders has few sprinkle of experiences in their midst like Sir Mekere, Sir Puka, Sir Ipatas, Patrick Pruaicht, Ian Ling Sticky, Charlie Benjamin, Ginson Sinao, and many other successful leaders in their own rights in business before politics like Robert Agoribe, William Naking, John Rosso, forming core team to complete this revolution to take our country back from greedy few capitalist and corporates!

So my friendly warning to friends and public especially those who come gate crashing to my camp at laguna, I ask you all to stay out of Laguna until such time after change is made, new government in place and if the collective consensus of leaders I have here decide they need your help.

To my Hela tribe too, this is not tribal neither this is my personal fight , please stay away, this is a contest of intelligence against arrogance, pride against humility, convenience against conviction, so my 400,000 plus people stay away from Laguna.

At this moment I need no money, no help and no advisors, please stay away from Laguna until this fight is over! This is not an event but a process of change for our next generation of leaders including our children.

Everybody stay away except those next generation leaders of our country I am trying to build to take this nation forward reclaiming all national wealth sharing to all corners of our country.

I tried to influence the team I was with for 7 years and got nowhere so I have stepped out to put a new team for our country!


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