Prime Minister Marape, then a kid, was with his father in Western Province when Pr John Marape (his father) was a missionary there. He was only four (4) years old but he served the people in Western Province as a missionary kid with his father. They served the people for almost sixteen (16) years before they moved to Sandaun (West Sepik) Province.

Prime Minister Marape's first born brother died in Western Province (Nomade) while they served there, he was the 2nd born. The third born was born in Western Province but died again in Sandaun Province. PMs father lost two of his dear sons (first and third) in the missionary field in the vast forest of Western Province and West Sepik Province respectively. Our Prime Minister was the second (middle one) but survived although he faced many dangers along his life. It is clear now that the Lord had a plan for him.

Today, this Sabbath (22/06/2019), while visiting Western Province as Prime Minister, he went to the church where he spent six (6) years and worshipped God with the people there, who were with him when he was a kid.

He had simple lunch with them. When the people were worried about the standard of food they prepared, Prime Minister Marape told them, "I want to eat the food that I once ate when I was a kid." The church members were so happy to share with him their simple food.

A missionary, Malcolm Pago said "I can say from my own eye witness on PM this Sabbath is that, he is the true servent leader."

Prime Minister Marape told the people there," I served Western Province as a missionary kid, now I will serve Western Province's people one more time as a PM of this country. What ever belongs to Western Province will remain in Western Province." Above were his very own words.

If it is God's will, "I walked six (6) days with my father from Kiunga to Nomade but Nomade will not walk six (6) days again, they will travel by bus." Prime Minister Marape told them.

Those are some of the blessings Western Province would receive because Prime Minister Marape was there in his childhood missionary days.

To God be the glory.

Picture: (1) Prime Minister Marape and Governor for Western shaking hands with Chruch members. (2) The two leaders standing on line and self-serving local food provided by local people there.

Source: Malchom Pango (edited)

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