While the newly elected Prime Minister is busy trying to get the country in order, some MPs who had just been commissioned as Ministers have instead started off on their duties on a totally different tone.
Instead of setting out their plans known to the country on how they would tackle issues of real concern to the country, they have since day one have been busy shaping, reshaping, aligning, realigning, grouping, regrouping themselves to form political alliances but they have failed miserably to tell the nation publicly their reason for choosing to do this as their first order of business instead of laying out their platforms on how they would contribute meaningfully towards nation building under the new Marape Government.
One message I wish to get across to the newly elected Prime Minister as a result of such acts by these MPs is that it seems obvious that these MPs would be focused more on the 2022 General Elections in whatever they do within the remaining two years so you (PM) should try to tow them into line or even decommission them immediately if found to be going off track in the discharge of their duties.
Such acts truly go to tell they are set for something different than the agenda of taking back PNG. It seems their motto is, take back power and not take back PNG.
Just a word of caution to the new Prime Minister as it has been my fight also as an individual to advocate for a change in the Government which had just happened and I don't want some opportunists to build their own empires at the cost of better services to the poor Papua New Guineans who wait earnestly in the remotest part of the world with total faith in the new Government which has just been formed knowing this is their Government.
Thank you Papua New Guinea and belated 52nd Anniversary to the PNGs Political Party#1. 

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