The new Marape-Davis government has created a centre-piece in the cabinet that the entire country is drawn in with so much interest in the appointment of Kerenga Kua and Bryan Kramer among the 33 cabinet ministers.The following are the uniqueness about their appointment, hence, became the centre-piece of attraction:
1. They were members of the opposition who never voted for PMJM.
2. Their appointment to ministry as opposition members was unconventional in the WestMinster System.
3. They were the two top critics of the last government whom PMJM & majority of his current cabinet members were part of.
4. They both stood for zero tolerance on corruption at all levels by both citizens and non-citizens.
5. They were both outspoken on white collar corruption and the arrest of former PM Hon. Peter O'Neill and his cronies.
6. They both understood every letter of the law and were willing to use the courts as their strongest weapon against anyone.
Why PMJM appointed them? Besides seeing the potential in the two men to help him 'take back PNG', he also elevates their centre-piece-ness of attraction to the next level where everyone's eyeball will be popping out on these two men, here are the reasons:
7. Would they remain an "opposition"to the gov't?
8. Would they remain as "top critics" to the gov't?
9. Would they maintain their stand on "zero tolerance" on corruption?
10. Would they still be outspoken on white collar corruption and arrest Peter O'Neil and cronies as promised?
11. Would they still go by the rule of law and use the courts to vindicate any of their decisions or of their colleagues in gov't?

Bryan Kramer had so many run-ins on the police on many occasions such as the famous pick up at Ela Beach hotel labelled as police kidnap, dragged into Boroko Cells and locked up overnight. His media rants with Police Commissioner Baki and the barricade on him at O'Neill's Madang public rally. They all happen for going against O'Neill and Kramer had always maintained he will have O'Neill arrested and NOW HE IS THE POLICE MINISTER!

Kerenga Kua had so many run with many of the governments of the day past and present, such as his law firm Posman Kua lawyers were the primary legal advisors to the PNG government besides solicitor general. He was very close to former PM Somare and his ministers and represented them in all their court cases. Kua was a household name in the legal fraternity for the many cases he had won.  He was used by the NA led government to advice and sign on the first Hela LNG Project (seen as non-beneficial) and NOW HE IS THE PETROLEUM MINISTER!

The rise and the fall of the Marape-Davis gov't in the next 2 years and beyond 2022 would depend on these two ministers (Kramer and Kua). Marape's motto to eradicate corruption and make PNG to be the richest black nation in the world rests on the shoulders of these two men respectively. With all eyes watching, would Kramer now as a police minister step out and execute the arrest of Peter O'Neil as promised? Would Kua now as a petroleum minister review and revoke his own advice in the first LNG project before reviewing the second LNG project? The acts of these two men will either 'Take Back PNG' or 'Let Go PNG'.  Interesting journey ahead. God bless PNG!

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