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The outrage on social media on the purchase of the 40 luxury sports from Italy for APEC is far from over and I want to see that outrage also taken to the streets. If the government of PNG or anyone thinks this issue will die out soon is highly mistaken. I am saying this because what you are about to read is the hidden truth exposed on this atrocity! And I intend to dig deeper in the following weeks to shine more light into this witchcraft!

I am aware that everyone has expressed their disgust on this matter and I am also aware of the bullshits that flew out of the APEC Minister Justin Tkatchenko mouth to sweep the issue under the carpet. However, I want to go a little bit further to dispute Tkatchenko’s deceit and maintain with facts that the decision to buy those 40 Maserati Quattroporte is not only stupid, selfish and outrageous but more importantly, the decision is a crime in disguise!

Following is the quote from Mr Tkatchenko in his media release on the purchase of these vehicles:

“"Maserati Quattroporte sedans have been secured and delivered, and are committed to being paid for by the private sector. Having vehicles paid for by the private sector is the smartest way to have use of the vehicles at APEC at no overall cost to the state.”

He further went on to say that the Maserati’s are “PRE-SOLD” to private sector buyers who would own the vehicle after APEC. He said they (PNG government) have paid deposit to get everything here but all cost will be totally reimbursed and there will be no burden to the government. He said the vehicles are selling like hotcakes right now! (REALLY???)

Let me simplify and reword the above quotes from Tkatchenko: Tkatchenko said 40 people from PNG have already made deposit (when he said PRE-SOLD) and are now competing (selling like hotcakes) to fully own the vehicles right after APEC.

There are just too many lies and cover-ups in these statements. THE VEHICLES ARE/WERE NOT PRE-SOLD! Full stop! It’s a big fat lie! It’s not even selling like hotcakes! Following are the reasons why.

No PNG will ever want to own a vehicle they never knew existed before. I got to be honest here, I’ve did extensive readings online in my life but I never knew that there existed a vehicle called Maserati Quattroporte until just few days ago. If you talk BMW, Ferrari or Rolls Royce, yes but Maserati? Nope, no idea!

Well if a PNGan buys and own one, where will he drive it? PNG is just not the kind of country that you want to drive the Maserati around. The roads around the country and even in the city have potholes, humps and mounds. The Maserati quattroporte is a sports car and its body suspends just few centimetres above the ground. No wonder Peter O’Neill and China Aid had to dig up the perfectly sealed road from Parliament house to Poreporena freeway just for the Maserati’s to run on.

With the poor road conditions in PNG comes the need for vehicle maintenance and parts. The Maserati brands are known for luxury but not durability and thus for a rugged country like PNG, buying a Maserati is a laughable choice. The vehicle will not last for over a month before it breaks down. And when it does, there is again no servicing workshop and auto parts dealer for this vehicles here. The closest dealer for Maserati is either Brisbane or Sydney, and think about the added cost of money and time!

Furthermore, the Maserati quattroporte they bought is model SQ4 and has a formidable 3.8-litre V8 Ferrari engine, which effortlessly pushes the car to 100 km/h from a standing start in a breathtaking 4.7 seconds and powers to a top speed of 310 km/h. Which part of the upgraded road can you imagine the vehicle be used at?

There is also a lack of correct fuel blend for these vehicles in PNG. According to the technical specification of the SQ4, there is a specific formula for octane fuel needed to burn correctly to give a maximum performance to this vehicle. Simply, there is no supplier of that fuel in PNG!

To make it even worse, the Maserati SQ4 manufactured in Milan factory, Italy that the APEC report claims to source the vehicles from only produces left hand drives regularly. The driving code for PNG national roads is on the right hand! How dumber can this government be? Well if I am wrong and if the 40 Maserati’s bought are all right hand drive, then it’s a new concern here altogether. They are now classified as custom-built modifications and their price is certainly much higher than what Tkatchenko is claiming for in his statements. Will be way over K1 million!

So all of these have completely disputed Tkatchenko claim that private buyers in PNG have lined up to buy these vehicles. Well, to be precise, his claim can be true if the buyers are those PNGans who also have homes overseas and are planning to buy the car and ship it overseas. And who else can be a perfect example of such a PNG private buyer other than Tkatchenko himself with all the corrupt government MPs who are parking up people’s money in Australia and enjoying their luxury with their wives and kids? Luxury Maserati sports car seems to be an ideal choice to operate on Australian roads in glamour and style!

I am interested to know who are those PNGans trying to buy those cars and by how much? Also, I am equally interested to see an audit be done on these vehicles two months after APEC. I won’t be surprised to know where they will end up!

We all already know how cunning and selfish this government is and we can safely assume that the reselling price will be way lower than its procurement price because it is definitely going to be sold to thieves, fraudsters, cronies and persons of special interest with the government. So where will the government get the money to pay off the balance? From teachers pay-cuts, from schools subsidy, from money budgeted for medicine, from DSIP/PSIP, etc…

The whole process above is actually a crime of money laundering and is punishable by law. The super cars industries are familiar with an established scam business of engaging governments to buying expensive cars with people’s money and then reselling it to themselves in a fairly cheap price. It has happened in many parts of Africa before and it is no surprising that it’s happening in PNG now. In their pursuits of happiness and gains, the government today does not only supress and neglect its citizens but also undermines the rule of law and committed transnational crime of the highest degree!!

Therefore, let me repeat myself here: THE OUTRAGE ON SOCIAL MEDIA ON THE PURCHASE OF THE 40 LUXURY SPORTS FROM ITALY FOR APEC IS FAR FROM OVER AND I WANT TO SEE EVERYONE UNITED TO FIGHT THIS!! It is even sad to realize that we are the poorest member state of the 21 APEC member states, and all the 20 members coming to PNG already knew that! Who are we struggling to impress?

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