A Open Letter to Bryan Kramer MP

Dear Hon. Bryan Kramer

Before you became the member for Madang Open, you did not campaign for structural, legislative or policy changes. If I can remember correctly, you campaigned to end corruption. You campaigned to expose the perpetrators and serve them justice.

I commend you for living up to your talks on Facebook and other media when you were mandated by the people of Madang to shake the tree of corruption. I commend you for shaking the tree of corruption so hard that the monkeys fell off. Some fell silently whilst some screamed the loudest. 

I believed you were God sent, so as the rest of gullible Papua New Guineans. Now your status is ranked top in terms of popularity amongst the simple people. PNG believes you more than the PM.
PNG rejoiced when you were plucked amongst the opposition against your will to be bestowed the Police ministry.

We anticipated more radical moves to fully finish what you've started. But you're now switching the path from serving justice to policies and legislative matters. We appreciate the path you're taking for the greater good of the country going forward. We understand it is a noble cause because the Police force will never be politicised in the many years to come.

Thank you for that change and thank you for setting the precedence no other Minister in the short political history of PNG has undertaken.

However, as your staunch and dedicated supporter, I beg you to feed the monster that you created. Right now, we the gullible Papua New Guineans need to see what you've started. We need to see these two issues resolved under your ministry:

1. Fazilla Bazari & Powes Parkop's Yoga Business
A case you've filed complaints at the Ombudsman and fraud squad.
What is stopping you as a minister of police to direct Mathew Damaru to investigate and arrest?
2. Manumanu Land Scandal
Fabian Pok and Peter O'Neill have been partners in crime and benefactors of the NPF fraud. Now William Duma has joined hands with them in the Manumanu land deal where millions of peoples monies have disappeared.

There are many other allegations of mismanagement and grand theft by our politicians which my require COIs or systematic approaches in serving justice to the implicated but I believe the above two are within your powers and jurisdiction to fast tract and GIVE CONFIDENCE to your followers and PNG people at large.

The clock is ticking and Papua New Guineans are very impatient people. Two years is not a very long time and our trust and believe in your leadership is growing thin by the day.
We are sure and we very much hope to have some answers before 31st December 2019.

Teine Korokoi

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