As a PNGean, I am deeply embarrassed after reading the threads from Pauline Hanson's post on the aftermath of our government's failed efforts to get Australia to support our budget. 

Sadly the threads on the post are full of jeering and contempt for our government, our country and us as a proud Melanesian people.

What upsets me most is the genuineness of the Marape-Stevens government in seeking the budgetary support aid to resuscitate our hailing economy is misunderstood and misconstrued badly Down Under. 

Aussies still think our government is corrupt, careless and stupid. They still believe we can not manage their hard-earned Aid tax dollars. One comment was specifically alluding our government’s stupidity and wastages in the purchase of the luxury Maseratis. 

I am angry and ashamed at the same time but honestly speaking can I blame the Australians for thinking that way? The answer is NO.

We must blame ourselves. The Marape-Stevens Govt's integrity is still questionable not only with the people outside PNG but also within.

Don’t we still have the same old corrupt Govt Ministers in the Marape-Stevens Govt? Take for instance the former Apec Minister Justin Thetchenko who was responsible for the purchase of the Maseratis is still around, and making news headlines every day in his capacity as the Housing Minister.

I have no animosity against the Australian public for seeing and judging PNG  the way they have. We have ourselves to blame, for positioning this country in this distorted standpoint. 

Our PM as the CEO and the one vested with the powers to hire and the fire must take full responsibility and start restoring his Govt's integrity and standing in the eyes of the world. He must undertake the painstaking work of detachment and attachment simultaneously to restore his new government credibility. 

What he has done today is just exactly the work of restoring our integrity and image: decommissioning Richard Maru and commissioning Ian Lingstucky at the same time.  

There are more old heads that need rolling within his Cabinet. Justin Thetchenko must be the next to go even if he has initiated some good work at the Housing. Charles Abel, who failed as the Treasurer and the National Planning Ministers with his failed NID project must also be decommissioned. Bad company corrupts good personalities as the saying goes. 

Peter O’Neil has been relegated to the Opposition bench today and that is a great start. But that is not the place he deserves to remain according to the common men’s knowledge. O'Neill for all his greed, fraud and mismanagement of our economy shouldn’t live a free man. He must be caged. He must pay for his crimes at Bomana. And with him, round up all his spin-doctors, cohorts and deputies of crimes he engineered and send them all behind bars.

Before presenting his Govt’s Manifesto on September 16 the PM must remove all the Government Department Secretaries and SOE CEOs and Chairpersons that were politically appointed by the former regime. Bring on board PNGeans who are qualified, God-fearing and have industry experiences. The Govt Manifesto will be implemented by these people and not O’Neill’s loyalties. 

Today was a brilliant day PMJM has sent a positive signal to Australia and the rest of the world. What he did with decommissioning of PNC will have already started the work of restoring his Govt’s credibility. He must continue removing the residuals of PNC that are still at large within his Cabinet and Public Service Machinery.  

Until that job of pruning and uprooting remains half/undone, our country’s bad image and integrity may remain questionable still in the eyes of our international friends. 

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