Former PNG Prime Minister Peter O’Neill made an interesting, yet a hilarious comment in reference to his recent warrant of arrest issued by Waigani District Court last Friday.

It appears that 99% of the comment contradicted his own heedless actions when he was in the chair of the Prime Minister. He only makes travesty of himself like what comedians does.

An important verse in O’Neill’s comment to note:

“I will make myself available at any time to hear this complaint, but I warn any member of the RPNGC who might be part of the Police Minister’s political unit, to think carefully and respect and honour the oath you swore to our nation. This is a time for our hard-working men and women in our disciplined services to remember that you are independent of politics and should not be part of this Kramer corruption and the misuse of out proud police force.” (Unquoted)

Public opinion is - when was the last time O’Neill made himself available for police questioning when he was the PM?
He exhausted all available avenues to escape justice even to a point of hiding in the parliament house, sacking of police commissioners and judiciary workers, disbanding Task Force Sweep and defunding important police units like National Anti-Corruption and Fraud Squad.

So for O’Neill to say I will make myself available after shamefully resigned and dethroned from PM’s chair is a welcoming news. Only time will tell!

Every PNGean knows that when O’Neill was in power, police force was never independent.

Look at the O’Neill’s dirty hands at play on the case of former commissioners Fred Yakasa, Tom Kulunga, Jefferey Vaki and Gari Baki plus the lead investigators on his arrest case Timothy Gitua and Mathew Damaru.

Do not request police officers to respect and honour the oath they swore when you are allegedly behind the shooting of unarmed UPNG students to suppress them to exercise their democratic rights.

In 2011, O’Neill and current Opposition Leader Belden Namah illegally applied force to remove Somare regime. O’Neill used police officers in his quest for power. Now he is demanding police officers to respect and honour the oath.

Is he on drug to easily forget his own actions?

Please do not demand police officers to be independent when your own backyard is filled with rotten cases of you politicizing the police force.

The fact is PNGeans knew nothing about Bryan Kramer’s corruption case except for O’Neill’s countless number of corruption cases of mismanagement and white-collar crimes.

Enough of misleading the nation. Clear your name in the court rooms.

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