The motive is very clear

The interview with former PM Peter O’Neill last night (Wed 16/October) at Boroko Police Station wasn't about fighting corruption. It wasn't about doing what is right? Peter O’Neill was saved from spending a night in jail by a very smart lawyer.

The whole thing wasn't planned properly. I also hear the Fraud Squad were not even aware of it when the announcement was made in social media that the former PM should turn himself in for an interview with the Police.

The noise (just hot air) was created to impress PMJM and the new cabinet so that Manning is appointed as the new PC on a permanent basis.
Former PM PO was a sheep brought to the slaughter House for the killing last night but fortunate for him his new Lawyer was very smart.

These things have to be planned, coordinated and executed properly. You are trying to arrest the former Prime Minister of our country for corruption, for goodness sakes, do it properly
Former PM PO now also knows now who was behind this.

Let me just put it this way, PMJM had nothing to do with the arrest yesterday. BK needs to take a very serious look at himself again and question who is behind Manning.

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