I am a Senior Lecturer and currently the Head of Banking and Finance Division at the School of Business and Public Policy and has a PHD in Finance from Flinders Uni in Australia and declare before God and man that what is written on the Reference was actually written by the said Indian Lecturer.

I have a similar Reference which was picked up lying around at the printer area. Once we call up the concerned student (because I believe he or she should have a copy of the signed Reference) the truth will then be revealed. This is not a joke.

 In fact this is a serious real issue of concern and it is indeed frightening. To confirm whether these fake qualification holders are literate or not my call is ask them to as a matter of urgency sit for the internationally recognized and accepted International English Language Test (IELTS) to test their speaking, writing, hearing and reading capabilities and see the results.

 I am very convinced beyond any doubt that the truth will be revealed. They have what it takes to score Fail in all these four areas of English competency. I sat and passed the test so I know what I am talking about here. We must continue to raise this important issue of national interest until authorities both internally and externally act on it once and for all.

A public enquiry needs to be called urgently to verify these claims. Many undergraduate and post-graduate students are well aware of these issues so a public enquiry will reveal the truth. The sooner we do it the better to rid our country of the issue of foreign academics with fake qualification.

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