The very outlandish Former Prime Minister Peter Oneill does not demonstrate that he has any real gauge of what has transpired on the floor of parliament recently and its universal implications.

This is a synopsis of what it means to be voted out as a Prime Minister:

1- You have failed
2- You have lost your following
3- You have been rejected
4- Your party and its policies are shunned
5- Your socio-economic perspective is irrelavant
5- You are now the Opposition

Present 'chain of circumstance' actions to take:

1- Eat humble pie
2- Admit errors
3- Engage in positive debate
4- Play 'mans game' opposition
5- Concentrate on get back into parliament come 2022.

PNG is for our kids not our egos.

We must think big, not think marbles and play native politics with kickback deals and silly dead end politics.

PMJM in his wisdom has recruited the most astute candidate he has in his line up, in Hon. Ian Ling-Stuckey.

Ling-Stuckeys competence has been demonstrated on the floor of parliament with his barrage of indepth analysis of the infamous "FAKE BUDGET", a PNC Legacy that will no doubt be a talking point in the coming national elections. This no doubt is directly influencing the recent flood of defecting PNC strongmen.

Hon. Ian Ling-Stuckey has taken on the mammoth task of picking up after the most ruthless and unconstitutionally led Government in recent history.

It is neccessary to have discussions with international community to not only establish the confidence in this new governemnt but also to pave a way forward to improve Papua New Guinea standing, which has fallen to an unprecedented low as a result a comedy of incredble incompetent intentional blunders.

Cut the story short, Vote of no confidence means, you had your turn, you failed, now its PMJM & Lin-Stuckeys, so sit tight and learn how its supposed to be done.

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