Save your intimidation and bullying Buttchenko, we are not afraid

by: McKenzie Leo

Here is why Justin Tkatchenko is trying to bully and intimidate Papua New Guineans who are exposing him as a fraudster and a white-collar thief:

He was a nobody prior to coming to PNG. He was a Gardner in every sense of the word. That was his profession as a Horticulturalist.

He was brought into Papua New Guinea by the late former Prime Minister Bill Skate to work for NCDC as a Gardner.

From a simple Gardner at NCDC, this Ukrainian Australian immigrant was able to acquire millions of Kina over the years through his company PNG Gardener.

Tkatchenko made so much money for himself as Minister of Sports during the South Pacific Games in 2015.

In 2018 as Minister for APEC he made millions of Kina through his company PNG GARDNER which was operated as Kitoro No. 33 Limited (his wife is the Director of Kitoro No. 33).

This immigrant Government Minister has made so much money by using his influence and power in NCDC, and in the 2015 SP Games, plus the 2018 APEC Summit in PNG.

There is no question he has delivered service and development into his Moresby South electorate, but at the same time, as Minister for Sports and Minister for APEC he has used his political position to enrich himself and his family financially.

It is blatantly obvious. Prime Minister James Marape must now sack this man from his Government.

The question on everyone's lip is, PMJM are you serious about #TakeBackPNG? If you are serious, then do the right thing by sacking Justin Tkatchenko from your Cabinet forthwith.

Justin Tkatchenko made a press statement on EMTV yesterday which was intimidation. Tkatchenko is intimidating and bullying ordinary Papua New Guineans who have anything to say about the fact that the APEC Report has not been produced and submitted to Parliament. APEC happened in Port Moresby back in 2018 my good Prime Minister, what are you waiting for? Has Tkatchenko pulled a ball of wool over your eyes? Why is Tkatchenko delaying the APEC Report?

Mr Prime Minister, the presence of Justin Tkatchenko in your Government is tainting and painting a very bad picture of your new Government. Please do something about this quickly before Papua New Guineans lose confidence in your leadership as our 8th Prime Minister.

Mr Prime Minister, it is obvious from yesterday's EMTV news that Justin Tkatchenko is trying to use the Courts to bully and intimidate genuine Papua New Guineans who are trying to hold him accountable as a Public Office Holder. Please sack him immediately.

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