by Vero Ambe

It is very disheartening to learn that Isaac Lupari's tenure as Chief Secretary has been extended by Marape and his cabinet after his contract lapsed on 9th February.

Lupari has been embroiled in all sorts of corruption allegations for a very long time. He's been found guilty of quadruple dipping from the country by the Finance Inquiry and the recommendation for his prosecution is yet to be implemented by the police. (An injunction taken by Paul Paraka on the implementation of the Finance Inquiry recommendations has been lifted in the courts).

Other allegations of corruption against Lupari include:

1. Using his position to hire his vehicles out to state-owned entities like PNG Ports.

2. Using his position hire his vehicles out to organisations doing business with the State like Exxon Mobil.

3. Using his position to solicit funds from the Gaming Board (approved by Oneill) to be paid to Ipatas Foundation where he was Chairman. He them paid consultancy fees out of the account from Ipatas Foundation to a company owned by his wife and himself (PMI investments).

4. Colluding with Augustine Mano to defraud landowner funds managed by MRDC where he is Chairman. Police have been unable to proceed with investigating the complaints.

5. Demanding Paladin to donate K10m to PNC. PM was told it was Lupari who asked Paladin but has done nothing about it.

6. Using his position to influence an appoint his cronies to senior public service positions like Faith Barton as Public Solicitor.

7. Allegations by APEC CEO Christopher Hawkins that Lupari paid over K15m to companies who provided NO goods or services to APEC.

8. Using his position to ask for commissions and favours from anyone doing business with the State.

9. Having 4 Toyota VX vehicles paid by taxpayers payers parked in his house.

10. A Toyota VX paid for by APEC in 2017 has mysteriously changed ownership from the State to his wife.

I would love to have been a fly on the wall of the room NEC was in when reappointing him as i would have wanted to hear what Deputy PM Davies, Kua and Krammer had to say because they have openly criticised Lupari when in the Opposition. Why have these vocal men have now gone quiet all of a sudden? There are also other members of Cabinet who are known to detest Lupari with a passion and we wonder why they are now being muted.

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