Who really is Dr Ken Ngangan? A wolf in sheep's skin, and a small corruption tactician.

Dr. Ngangan is one of many Ph.D. holders in PNG who hails from Kompiam Ambum district in Enga province. His Wakenakun tribe is the smallest tribe of less than 200 population in Kompiam central LLG.
Prior to his appointment as Finance Secretary, he was a full-time Lecturer for donkey years at UPNG aside from part-time consultancy engagements outside of UPNG life. In the 2002 National Election, Dr. Ngangan supported Tom Amaiu, he lost and Dickson Maki won.

In 2007, Mr. Ngangan supported incumbent MP Sir John Thomas Pundari and won. In 2012, Dr. Ngangan went heavy and Pundari won the seatback. Pundari then returned Dr. Ngangan's favor by introducing him to Prime Minister Peter O'Neill sometime in 2013.

Around, 2013/2014, O'Neill appointed Dr. Ngangan as Acting Finance Secretary. Current PM James Marape then Finance Minister confirmed Dr. Ngangan as a substantive Finance Secretary.

When Dr. Ngangan got into power, there's been a lot of unseen and unnoticed systematic corruption practiced by Dr. Ngangan in the pretext of policy reforms, and prudent financial management standard processes and procedures, of which some were brought to the light last year 2019 by a Senior Finance Officer from the department alluding to massive payouts from Close-of- Accounts funds facilitated by Mark and Jason manning the entry and exit points for Dr. Ngangan collecting 10% commission. Both were recruited by Dr. Ngangan to serve his interest.

What I am about to expose here is the revelation of fraudulent employment of immediate relatives and wantoks handpicked all from Kompiam who are mostly illiterate, kanakas and unqualified individuals recruited and occupying very Senior positions within the Finance department, as follows:

1. Mr. Nathan Lapakio, a cousin brother of Dr. Ngangan from Tinalapin tribe handpicked among a list of most qualified candidates and appointed Enga Provincial Treasurer bypassing all screening and appointment processes. Enga Governor and Provincial Administrator were never consulted.
Mr. Lapakio is strategically positioned to facilitate Dr. Ngangan's movements in terms of finance and other logistics including vehicle hire, accommodation, cocoa cola money, and pigs. He is the man on the ground purely to serve Dr. Ngangan's interest.

2. Mrs. Penny Lapakio (Wife of Nathan Lapakio) from Lapalam is a drop out from grade 12 at Kopen Secondary School. She used to be a housewife of Nathan Lapakio is now employed by Dr. Ngangan as Admin/Accounts officer with Motor Vehicle Insurance Ltd (MVIL). Whenever Dr. Ngangan gets a trip, more than 10 hire vehicles provide escorts for himself and his accomplishment all paid by MVIL. Penny does all these for Dr. Ngangan who is the Chairman of MVIL.

3. Samson Kipongi Pundali from same Wakenakun tribe was a full-time security guard with Guard Dog A security company is now employed by Dr. Ngangan as a certifying and approval officer with the finance department. He sits comfortably with Mark and Jason, as a third person when it comes to collecting 10% for Dr Ngangan. He is the person Dr. Ngangan uses as a messenger to Mark and Jason.

4. Ms. Betty Yakuni is from the same Wakenakun tribe, is totally illiterate and unqualified is handpicked by Dr. Ngangan and employed as Treasurer in Kompiam Treasury.

5. Mr. Joseph Kala from Tangaip tribe in Kompiam is a Pastor is recruited by Dr. Ngangan as a District Treasurer for Jimi District in Jiwaka province without consulting Jiwaka Provincial Governor and Administrator.

6. Mr. Timi Lawa, son of a very close associate of Dr. Ngangan from the Tinalapin tribe is uneducated, junior was handpicked by Dr. Ngangan and is working as District Treasurer in Multiple/Baiyer district in WHP. No consultations with relevant Provincial Authority.

7. Mr. Ben Takio is Dr. Ngangan's cousin brother from Tinalapin tribe has been a vagrant in Port Moresby for 20 years was recruited by Dr Ngangan and posted to Huon Gulf as District Treasurer without consulting MPG.

8. Mr. Lakio Nga is a total primitive and warlord who is Dr. Ngangan's cousin brother now employed as a District Accounts officer in Kandep district, Enga province.

9. Mr. Jeffrey Pogo is an LLG Councilor from Kirapan tribe in Kompiam who lost his seat in the previous LLG election is now handpicked by Dr Ngangan as a Kompiam District Treasury driver.

10. Mr. Lawrence Talipao is a cousin brother of Dr. Ngangan, a graduate trainee from Tinalapin tribe in Kompiam was handpicked by Dr. Ngangan and sent down to Australia by undermining and overlooking competent and potential officers from the Finance department who deserves to be on the training program.

11. Mr. Stanley Lapan is a brother of Dr. Ngangan from the same Wakenakun tribe is being heavily used as a scapegoat for siphoning millions of kina from using both Gerehu Hospital, MVIL and Finance. Mr. Lapan is employed as a General Nurse at Gerehu Hospital.

12. Dr. Ngangan's biological brother was elected Council President in the recent LLG election. His vehicle bought by Dr. Ngangan and gave to him is on full-time hire by MVIL during Dr. Ngangan's home trip. Similar arrangements are in place for Mr. Timi Lawa's vehicle and also others own by individuals from Kompiam. All these are paid by MVIL.

The list of systematic corruption practiced by Dr. Ngangan is exhaustive. I have exposed what I see and know, and I am certain these are not just mere allegations but facts and I am sure it is the tip of the iceberg. More serious allegations of systematic corruption by Dr. Ngangan will surface following my post. Salaries of these fraudulent and unsystematic recruited by Dr. Ngangan are coming from the taxpayers and the public has the right to know.

In my next post exposing Dr. Ngangan's unseen and unnoticed systematic corruption, I will post serious allegations into more than K20 - 30 million new cut road project through this village and construction of Dr. Ngangan's mansion in his home village in Kompiam.
Prime Minister James Marape, Ministers of State, Members of Parliament, Ombudsman Commission, Police and the general public. This is your Finance Secretary Dr. Ken Ngangan.

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