Indeed PM JM has to take appropriate action in light of the weight of the disclosures especially the AFR Publications in relation to Duma's role in awarding the Horizon PPL/PRL/PDL Licence, and the TWINKLE OF AN DEAL of 30% equity to ELEVALA!

This kind of a disclosure bears HIGH PROBABILITY of wrongdoing and CANNOT BE SIMPLY SWEPT UNDER THE CARPET.

Mr Duma's statement on the floor of Parliament last week firstly using the protection of the "PARLIAMENTARY PRIVILEGE" is a clear manoeuvre of a cunning person, for, under that Privilege, he is not exposed to be tested on the VERACITY of his DENIAL of WRONGDOING. Simply put, he is insulting the intelligence of PNGeans and the international community.

His explanations and justifications are also fraught with insulting simplicity! Does he think the words that exited his mouth in delivering his explanation can accept by us PNGns on face value? Are we not deserving of more intelligent and detailed explanation which may on the balance of proper reasoning well exonerate him?
Some of these vital aspects are:

1. Duma was the Portfolio Minister at the time.

2. What were the issues ( although those familiar with PPL/PRL/PDL Licencing process can assume) at the centre of the Court Case between Horizon and Minister Duma involving the Licence?

3. What were the terms of the Out-of-Settlement which compromised that Court Case, and among the outcomes was the 30% equity allocation to Elevate?

4. Was Elevala a State Entity authorized to be the beneficiary of such a Settlement, and if not, was it a party in the Case and what were its legal rights that deserved the benefit of 30% equity in the Settlement?

5. In what circumstances was the 30% equity converted into cash including if it was a sale and transfer, and if so, to whom? Was it in a form of redemption of shares by Horizon, and if so, the details of that transaction?

6. What are the credentials of Elevala as a petroleum development?

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