It seems the never ending saga continues at NAC...,

Question is why Mr Yopo and myself been continuously harrassed by FS thru most probably desperate new board members, the Minister and management still attacking us time & time again.

This BULLY tactic using the law incorrectly to affect really our lives is uncalled for and I am appealling again to relevant Authorities and Individual Experts in Law to help us.

This is my SOS call to ordinary people out there to help us, PLEASE??

For God's sake, leave us alone, we have moved on and its 2020 March since July 2019 when all the fiasco started after the Good Minister Lekwa Gure did not see favor to work with myself and Mr Yopo using my Deputy to push for our removal.

He was just merely 5 weeks old in the Civil Aviation seat replacing Hon Alfred Manase.

No courtesy at all to spend time with me as Chair or neither my CEO/MD at that time to brief him of the State of the NAC Business.

I however, as a professional with my MD/CEO prepared a NAC State of Affairs PACK for him to digest and when he was ready, we will spend quality time to update & brief him.

Sadly, this did not ever happened but he moved quickly to remove/sidelined me and Mr Yopo.

You & your team have succeeded in removing us so leave us alone and start concentrating to growing NAC. Do you new guys at NAC have a strategy to bail NAC amingst the challenging fall in passenger movements internationally due to Corona virus and locally.???

We have families and have served this country diligently through our conduct at NAC and served other organisations well in the private sector.

Please Police Commissioner and Top Police team help us.. We are very stressed out..

FS team continues to harrass us to the blink of killing us. Mr Yopo has suffered so much pain physically/mentally and I have lost everything including my credibility. I am about to loose my home and everything with it.

Have people forgotten our efforts to transform NAC out of the blinks and been technically liquidated when my Board took over??? We delivered on APEC 2018, when the country was really struggling, we delivered on the SOE DIRECTIVE from both current DPM - Hon SD & Hon PMJM ... who were then NAC Trustee Shareholders, we got the house in order with a Payroll Audit Review and a HR Restructure that aligned CADIP Projects to a 2030 NAC Growth Strategy Plan for Jacksons to become a Pacific Regional HUB International Airport & a PPP Model..

Where is all that now????

Above all, and compliant of ALL...we cleaned the NAC Accounts and Management Reports for Auditor General dating back to 2012 up until 2018.. WOW, WHAT AN ACHIEVEMENT.

These are great milestones that transform organisations but leaders and people are not interested yet in this case witch hunt us like criminals and lesser human beings the least to say..

YES, I got picked up by FS upon my arrival on Friday - it was very surprisingly in deed.. I was asked to go with the FS.. I asked them why?? Called PC to verify and for them to provide reason why but as usual I co'orperated as I have nothing to hide.

Interview lasted to 2300pm - suspended & continued Sat to 1630pm. By then I was charged for conspiring to signing Mr Yopo then MD/CEO amended contract........ believe it or not but this amended contract is after a HR Restructure & Payroll Audit.

The irony of it all at that time, when Mr Yopo was appointed thru an independent committee then headed by my Deputy Chair was a Total Remuneration on top of Company Provided Benefits like Housing & Travel etc.

Then after the Review and HR Restructure - HR reviewed across the Board all contracts T&C to align to the new HR Manual & Policy including Remuneration repackaging to IRC packaging options.

The HR Manager then now AIC - CEO, amended Mr Yopo's contract taking into account the restructure options and brought to my attention after discussing with the Deputy Chair for me to sign. I then sighted & signed the amended contract.

This was a normal HR business process and the cost to NAC business did not materially changed. What happened which I am not privy to the records is that the intial contract on top of company paid benefits were than added to the revised amended contract to aligned all top management incl. CEO/MD to a total remuneration package for individual senior management to repackage their total remunerations to suit their needs like accomodation, school fees for children etc. etc.

So why charge me for conspiring to signed the amended contract and defrauding NAC... I was not alone, the process after the restructure was brought forward by HR.. so does the HR manager gets charged too????

Let me refresh people's memories here.?????. Mr Yopo has been cleared of all charges. He has nothing to hide so do I... However... I am now charged for merely doing my job as the Chairman of NAC at that time, with a Delegation of Authority empowering me within reason and compliance to authorise an amended contract after a restructure to comply with IRC repackaging options to suit the CEO/MD needs at that time.

So here.. by doing so - the right thing for a very hard working CEO/MD.. I get charged.

With Mr Yopo cleared of all charges thrown at him,.... VERY VERY IMPORTANT... a Judiciary Review imminent on Wednesday, 11th March 2020 challenging his suspension and that of probably of my suspension...???

Does this clearly demonstrate " CONTEMPT OF COURT" or does it ring bells that it seems very coincident of my arrest - all of a sudden.

FM100 - very shallow indeed, where is your professional journalism conduct to get my side of the story before airing a very one sided affair discrediting my credibility even more.

That is the FACT and my side of the story..

I was assured my charge will be withdrawn today, I fronted up for mention at Waigani this morning as per my bail conditions.. Not on the committal list.. knowing my charge to be withdrawn.

I will have my day in Court if required with God's Grace to protect me and my friend for Life from all these evil accusations.

Reuben G Aila
Innocent Party

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