Elections to be deferred for another 6 Months, 63 - yes, 11 - no.

Wake Goi has recommended to Parliament that elections be deferred after giving a shortfall of K60M, incomplete preliminary rolls for inspection, security not in order. He is recommending for a delay of 6 months. Parliament is now debating this recommendation. Complete morans, they had 5 years to prepare and now they have failed the people of PNG.            

Parliament votes in favour of elections to be deferred. 63 - yes, 11 - no.

Namah warns Australia to stay out

PAPUA New Guinea's parliament has ignored an Australian threat of sanctions and voted to delay national elections for six months.
Deputy Prime Minister Belden Namah warned against foreign intervention in parliament's decision following today's vote, passed 63 to 11 following a 90-minute debate.
New Foreign Minister Bob Carr last month threatened to consider sanctions against PNG if it abandoned plans to hold mid-year elections in June, saying to do so would create a “shocking model” for the Pacific.
Today Mr Namah issued a warning to Australia.
“Whatever (Australian Foreign Minister) Mr Bob Carr says about sanctions, I want to say ... do not threaten the independent state of PNG,” he said.
“You must respect our wishes.
“You must not intrude into our election process.”
Mr Namah said the polls must be delayed to allow for proper security to be implemented in the nation's sometimes volatile Southern Highlands region.
Electoral commissioner Andrew Trawen has repeatedly said only he has the power to defer elections.
One of the two motions that passed parliament today was an order for Mr Trawen to inform the Governor-General Sir Michael Ogio that the elections were to be suspended.
Mr Trawen has made public statements a number of times that the election will go ahead as scheduled.


  1. Parliament has no constitutional law mandate to defer election. The motion is void ab initio. Dame Kidu should instruct lawyers to file National Court review of the motion. Sole authority is the Electoral Commissioner. Without his recommendation the motion is defective as is void. Peter O'Neill is terrified out of his wits!

  2. Little Namah will know that he is a joke. What does he know about sovereignty? Carr is a completely mature politician.


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