Steve Reynolds

Papua New Guineans, we are about to celebrate independence day tomorrow. But ALREADY WORRIED to celebrate the eve when :

Government (P. O’Neil and his delegation) in Russia are going to spend PNG taxpayers money K12 Million- For absolutely nothing- Its really hard to get that sort of money when we cry for it in our services which takes years for delivery but this government looks fit to make transactions possible within days to finance the trip-WHAT IS PNG BENEFITING FROM THIS TRIP???;

Brokering K6 Billion loan in China when we cannot control our accounts and financial management system in the country;

My children will suffer to pay this huge loan that is obtained by crooks. In effect, 10-20% of the money will go to the private accounts of people who brokered it…It has been the case and it will be case. And How will this money will be spent? What are the budget or expenditure framework devised to necessitate the expenditure? What are the time line for repayments? Which NGOs or other were bodies engaged in planning for this broker or was this done by the “Bed-room cabinets”?

Hospitals: Deals were done in closed doors giving drug ordering contracts to City Pharmacy and they ordering cheap and junk drugs from Asia. We don’t know specifics prescription and details thus they aren’t curing all curable and preventable diseases. Even hospitals are taking one-step ahead to raise funds for special equipment for the hospital which are not their responsibility or concern to do so;

Mothers are dying on the road to delivery;

Drugs smuggling on the rise yet they are ignored by authorities for consumption;

Children are on the street without any good care or discipline by the parents which resulting in the number of “humbaks “ in all streets or suburbs around the country on the rise fueled by drugs and alcohol;

Law and Order break down. Women are raped, people killed and terrorized in front of Police but Police will only work “if there is fuel in the car”…Bribery…Does the government pay them at all? Yes all police men and Defence personnel are corrupt. They don’t know how to manage their money and resources well that’s why for years of service, they used money for drinking etc resulting in “ Ex-Service men confronting State all year around for their long service leave…Not even these guys own their own cars like other private service workers…what a sad case, though they live without paying rents, bills, or anything. They are corrupt big-time.

Tribal fights never ending in the highlands- in the areas where the Prime Minister Comes from. Treasury Ministers electorate is a fighting battle, teachers have been slaughtered in classrooms while he proclaimed to “Mr. Right Man with long beard”…Shame on you.

EDUCATION: Free education provided but where are the good teachers? Which curriculum is vital for the growth of this country? What about the teachers not at school because of road problems etc though the money is there already! “We can’t just throw kaukau leaves to shut the pigs from wailing when we know pigs don’t have any options to choose. In other words, providing free education without any “quality education” plan behind it is junk just like spending K12Million in China or Russia night clubs, womanizing, drinking, all that money can afford with no accountability so what's the difference? Its all same hit of mismanagement if different form or color. Well if It’s for political favor they introduced, PNG blindly accepted it in the election so they should ground their hangers and start to work for the country instead of depleting the money for people

Taking a step further, what about the tertiary education? Library books outdated, no proper meals at the college, selections done by nepotism, OHE favors those it “knows” instead of the qualified students with merits etc, quality of education at the university on the verge of decline;

Asians are coming in from all direction breaking, bending, twisting and buckling our laws and systems of the country but we still live in comfort letting them do everything in front of our very eyes. Look no further, all the junk, counterfeits floating on the PNG streets on the back of Informal sector law which was introduced by another idiot who was doing inside job to kill this country after looking at her country of origin and thus, this hasn’t paid any dividends but creating laziness and filtering streets incurring millions of Kina on cleaning business- Its creating liability to the state;

You list the next

PNG, I am tired of this country and today, I'm taking my books, going to Warirata to have a good time read and expand my knowledge while you celebrate in sweat and hope its not going to be in vain…God bless PNG and please look after me while I drive up the Sogeri road in case “ol mangi painim mani lo independence celebration na hold-up long me..



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