Peter O’Neill’s Winning Strategy To Slip Through the Cracks:

A Prediction on How He Will Evade The UBS Scandal

Starting with his success at squirming out of the fraud charges that came out of the NPF scandal investigation nearly 15 years ago, Peter O’Neill has earned a solid reputation as being a remarkable piece of slippery slime that no member of truth seeking police, ombudsman, court, or legislative members have been able to hold onto for long.  He dodges and darts like Bruce Lee evading  an opponent’s solid kick.  He piles one half truth upon another until even anti-corruption activists are backing off with their heads spinning in total confusion.  Peter O’Neill can shed his skin like a snake and squeeze through the smallest holes like the most slippery eel.   As much as the late arch criminal William Kapris spoke bad about the corruption of politicians, Peter O’Neill came out of the same mold as Kapris.  Kapris must have had grudging respect for the man. 

Now Peter O’Neill is back in the ring again, this time facing his greatest challenge.   When the ombudsman made known the charges against our PM, Peter O’Neill said he was disappointed and in fact he probably was.  He had no idea how easy this latest challenge against his authority was going to be to push aside.  We’re talking of course about the PM’s referral to the public prosecutor to appoint a leadership tribunal to look in to the 3 charges filed by the ombudsman in reference to the UBS loan scandal. 

All eyes are on the public prosecutor, Pondros Kaluwin.  What people aren’t noticing is that Peter O’Neill is holding the usual winning hand that has gotten him through these kinds of scrapes before.  All the PM has to do is get the public prosecutor to look like he is diligently considering the ombudsman’s submission to him.  After pausing a decent amount of time to give the impression he gave the submission a long, hard look, the Public Prosecutor can end the pain for the PM by declaring the following:

“Under the laws of this country, the ombudsman must produce evidence to back up his allegations that satisfy all 3 of the following:  That there be SUFFICIENT, that there be CREDIBLE and that their be COGENT evidence in order for me to request the Chief Justice to appoint a Leadership Tribunal.  This is a high set of requirements.  While the Ombudsman has performed his duty admirably and I COMMEND him for his dedication and the information he provided, I regret to say that the  requirements have not been met in all 3 areas.  I therefore cannot serve recommendation to the Chief Justice.”

Fantastic, Peter O’Neill wins again!  He can carve another notch on his old squirm out of trouble magic stick.  One down, a few more to go, another relaxing evening at the Airways and another check of the day’s pokies take at Paddys.  In the meantime, it can be business as usual in Waigani.
How could Public Prosecutor Pondros Kaluwin have reach such a decision?   Doesn’t he have to explain himself?

No he doesn’t and that’s the beauty of the role played by the Public Prosecutor.   All he has to do is make a decision and give some kind of mumbly justification.  If Kaluwin is smart, he’ll give a mumbly explanation that sounds like it’s coming from the mind of an honest man.

What will be Peter O’Neill’s trick to achieve this?   Bribe the Public Prosecutor is my prediction!

Of course our PM isn’t so dumb that he would offer the bribe directly, just like he has always been careful to put middlemen as fake owners of his many businesses.    PM knows the important of always using intermediaries.  The Israelis of LR Group who are making so much money right now from the PM’s decisions would be the ideal people, especially considering the Israeli who was on PNG Blogs only a few weeks ago, somewhat under cover, and arguing that the UBS loan was perfectly valid.  

What they do is make an appointment to see the Public Prosecutor and make the following kind of argument:

“We came to see you because we are very concerned about the instability that so many Papua New Guineans have told us would occur if the PM had to stand before a Leadership Tribunal.    We are planning to be part of PNG’s development in a big way, in fact we are close to securing several billion kina worth of investment in ______________ (fill in the blanks with whatever they have learnt the Public Prosecutor is interested in seeing happen in PNG).  It is almost certain if the PM is referred that these chances will disappear and not come back.  The PM has no idea that we’re seeing you (of course that would be wrong!), we have come out of our own personal concern.  We realise that you are in a tight bind but we propose to help you do what is honourable for the country and bring this national nightmare to an end.  We will deposit the sum of K____million (fill in the blank) to whatever overseas account you prefer .  In fact, we will set up the account for you if you wish and turn all account information over to you afterwards.  You will be rich beyond your dreams.  The money will allow you and your family to live the rest of your life in comfort overseas in Australia or anywhere else you might want to go.  You can travel the world 10x over and there will be money enough for 100x more trips.   We just want to ensure that PNG remains  a secure and stable place for bonafide foreign investors and your decision will decide if this will be true or if the country will descend into chaos.  Please think about it and let us know if we can be of further service.”

Grisim Public Prosecutor and dangle a mountain of forbidden fruit in front of him, that’s the name of this game!

It can all happen the way the current structure is in PNG.    Of course it would be the PM himself who would pay the bribe through intermediaries.  If the stories about the PM’s wealth are anywhere close to the truth, he nearly has enough money to buy off the entire judiciary if he wants. But always use middlemen to do it, and make the proposal elegant, risk free and so enticing that not even a normally honest person could resist. 

Over to you, Peter O’Neill and Public Prosecutor Kaluwin.

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