The revelation today (read the full article ) that we the people of PNG have been deceived about what the 400 year old Bible gift to PNG actually is and who gave it to us, continues a sad trend. Too many of our national leaders on both sides of the fence smugly believe that they we'll accept anything they tell us. Fortunately, slowly but steadily, more people are seeing the light and realising that whatever most MPs tell us they're doing, they're doing the opposite behind our backs. They say that they're going to do a project that helps the people, when in reality they're establishing a project that kicks back taxpayers money into their pockets and those of their sin-filled collaborators. It's even starting to become clear that the pollies who put on the biggest displays of compassion and of following Christian values are amongst the most ungodly and corrupt people imaginable on God's green earth.

A big majority of PNG's motley gang of 111 have progressed to the point that they talk almost nothing but pretentious nonsense. Sadly, because all of us over the years have allowed our schools to degenerate so badly, PNG's majority is depressingly uneducated and naivity rules.

MP Theodore Zurenuoc, leader of the now ending taxpayer funded Bible brigade to the USA, is just like MP Anderson Agiriu. By the way both of them speak, you'd almost think they had visible halos above their heads. But they're far from saints. Zurenuoc has been seen once too often having secretive meetings with Chinese 'investors' for thinking people to believe that he has a genuine agenda designed to benefit the people he represents more than the filling of his own pocket. His contemptuous defacing of National Parliament Haus, an attitude shared by Lae MP Loujaya Kouja, is nothing more than a public display of contempt for anyone who thinks different from themselves. No discussion, no debate. Straight to action, just like any good dictator would do. Cheeky beyond belief, they both strut around as if they are God Himself, know all the answers, and can take the power they hold and do whatever they want with it. "Let the people be damned" is the feeling they hold in their subconscious.

Applaud Zurenuoc and Kouza for successfully tricking so many of their constituents into voting them into power. But that doesn't mean the rest of us have to behave like our heads are also empty. We who genuinely care about our country and fervently try to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, whether we regularly attend church or not, will either be the saviours of our country or the biggest reason why PNG continues its decline. It is our responsibility to start making it louder and clearer to the nation that performing clowns like Zurenuoc and Kouza aren't positive role models, but tragic symbols of fakery and fraud. The height of their disrespect is now displayed when they lie and hide important facts about a 400 year old Bible in the name of Jesus. They are practioners of pretense under the shadow of God.

PNG Blogs can do its best to serve as a mouthpiece by publishing revelations about these jokers. But that hasn't been enough and it won't be enough to end their clown shows. What will end their mockery of truth and justice is citizen activism of a level that always seems to be a struggle to achieve in PNG but occurs commonly elsewhere. An activist citizenry will start asking questions loud and clear on talkback radio, in letters to the newspapers and to those in the streets to force Zurenuoc and Kouza to reveal the real story of the 400 year old Bible and who donated it. A simple fact check by the submitter of the original article makes it clear that Zurenuoc and Kouza can't possibly be telling the truth but they'll never reveal it unless they're put under some serious pressure.

If we don't demand the truth loud enough, they'll carry on, business as usual, with their deceptions. If we raise our voices effectively, they'll finally say something in return, but not what we hope they'll tell us. Instead of telling the truth, they'll probably use ridicule or subtle threats in an attempt to silence those who demand the facts. Madam Kouza is a certified genius at that trick. If that doesn't work, they'll try a another scam: They'll add new lies on top of the old lies, hoping that we'll become thoroughly confused and give up holding them accountable. Either that or they'll let out a few bits and pieces of the truth, wrapping distortions around each one of those precious nuggets, hoping that we'll overlook the fact that they're hiding the big picture.

Only in PNG can such complete losers get away with such obvious games of deception. Only through persistence can we defeat them in the name of Truth and Justice. All this should be obvious to the Papua New Guineans generally but it's not. It's an uphill battle to make the truth known to the nation so that it sets this nation free of fraud and corruption.

Don't expect a one article on a single blog site to be effective at ending the Grand Deception of the Peter O'Neill government and its resident clowns. Please find your own personal role to spread the Truth and demand Justice. Perform that role with all your energies and conviction. Speak up effectively and loudly, either exposing or hiding your face. An army of independent voices singing the same tune is the only way that we'll ever finally blow these "Christian in name only" politicians out the window and end their circus of fraud.

If there was any better example of blasphemy against Christ, it is lies in the Zurenuoc-Kouza deceptions surrounding the 400 year old Bible gift to PNG.

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