PNG Universities Saga 2015: Fall of the UNRE VC, UPNG VC Outed, and Perpetually Angry Failed Lawyer Saulep Rampages Against Unitech VC


We know from past experience that the word gets out when it appears on PNG Blogs.  Please spread the word to people back at Unitech on the nasty smell we have detected in the wind that's blowing towards Lae.

PNG universities have been in the news this year.   Apart from the student boycott up at UOG, we have the following.

UNRE:  UNRE (former Vudal) was first in the news for 2015.   Vice Chancellor Philip Siaguru, who students revolted  against for fine living while the university went to the dogs was finally suspended after years of suspicious activities.  There seems to be more than K10 million in UNRE funds unaccounted for, which Siaguru would know the whereabouts of but why unaccounted for?   His running of UNRE has long been like a king on top of a throne but the Office of Higher Education looked the other way as is its usual tendency.  Also OHE cannot hire or fire VCs.  That is up to the council of the respective universities which is actually good because it prevents government meddling.  

UPNG:   Yesterday the disturbing allegations about UPNG Vice Chancellor Albert Mellam comes out.  We already knew that VC Mellam was dishonourable.  Last year he protected political sell-out SRC President Bobby Yupi after Yupi led a group of armed wantok attack dogs against students who wanted a UPNG boycott against corruption to continue.   Yupi had been bought out by O'Neill to end the boycott.  

After Yupi carried out his violent attack, Mellam protected Yupi from being deposed as SRC president as most students wanted.  Mellam furthermore protected him from being arrested for assault which was a fully justified allegation.  

His protection of Yupi's corruption and law breaking was good indication that Albert Mellam is one bad egg.   Tche new evidence adds to this suspicion.   
UNITECH:   Of course Unitech was the highlight of last year's news with their saga and the students fight to bring back the VC Albert Schram who had been locked out of the country by unscrupulous Council members backed up by equally unscrupulous officials in Foreign Affairs and of course the corrupt David Arore.   This year up to now Unitech was in the news in a good way with their new internet setup that no other university has and apparently good progress in cleaning out corruption.   After last year's disruptions, this was pretty good.   However last week things turned sour as deposed Prochancellor of Unitech and failed lawyer Ralph Saulep, followed months of silence with a new round of ranting and raving against the reinstated VC.  We should not forget that Schram was welcomed back last year by thousands of students and supporters who led a convoy through Lae town made up of dozens of PMVs and other vehicles.  

Schram returned after his Councils vote of confidence which turn came after Schram was found innocent of all charges investigated in the Sevua report.  Saulep had a hand in writing the terms of reference for, hoping that the Sevua report would bring down Schram and PM Peter O'Neill also joined the side to keep Schram out until students forced him to back down.  Saulep was incensed when an honest judge, the late respected Magistrate Mark Sevua was chosen to conduct the investigation that resulted in Schram being declared innocent of all charges.  
An insider at the National whispered in our ears that a couple weeks ago Saulep had tried to get an anti-Albert Schram article published.   The National's editors decided to pass.  It seems that certain staff who last year supported publishing Saulep's rants and raves have grown tired of the man.  But Saulep, who cares not if he has any friends and must have lost a great deal of easy money when pushed aside as Unitech Pro-Chancellor last year, won't give up.   

Thus Saulep grabbed at the alternative option offered by The National and wrote a letter to the editor published last Tuesday.  As always Saulep dishes out his same old complaints about the Unitech VC Albert Schram, which the Sevua report investigated and found without merit.  

This week Saulep then either wrote a followup letter or had one of his corrupt cronies do it for him:

As already noted, Saulep had a hand in creating the original terms of reference for the Sevua report hoping that the cards could then be stacked against Schram.  Saulep was invited to testify in front of respected Judge Sevua.  Saulep never showed up.  Now Saulep complains that the report was incomplete and the conclusions wrong.  That makes a mockery of the integrity of the late Judge Sevua.

We have investigated the situation at Unitech to see if Saulep's latest complaints about Schram have any merit.  Apparently this is more than Saulep has done because we received a very different picture than what Saulep reports.  

Apparently the VC designates authority to nationals to carry out the work of the university.  That is obviously what an expatriate should do if they have any intent of localising their jobs one day to nationals.   We are told that this was the reason for the budget defence being carried out by other senior executives of the university.  Saulep confuses empowerment with incompetence which is not surprising.

In making enquiries with fairly high up people at Unitech we were also informed VC Schram has original documents of his qualifications which if true means Saulep will once again come away from the fight he picked with mud on his face.   What Saulep always neglects to talk about is that he was caught redhanded forging a court order during the Unitech saga.  This is not an ethical man we are talking about.

We have heard that there are complaints that the VC is clamping down on slackness at the university and that more corrupt Unitech staff are being shown the door (although unfortunately, not being prosecuted for embezzlement or other corruption as we believe they should be).   This includes a long serving staff member in the Student Affairs Department who for many years gave special treatment for student admittance in return for drinks and money.  Apparently there are staff who have been stealing from the bookstore, another who was misappropriating money from their animal zoo, and yet another who was selling final exam papers to the students.  All now departed or on their way out we are informed.  

Obviously those hurt feelings will not make the above ratbags friends of Schram.   Apparently there has also been a clampdown of sorts on alcohol abuse.  More foes of Schram except that most students (again, these are all things we have been told by those who work and live at Unitech) appreciate the improvement in law and order.  

There are still crime problems coming from outside the campus which supposedly the university administration is making a big push for funding next year to properly fence the boundaries.   We do not have photos but are told that the campus is much more tidy than in the past.  

If all this is true (and we used 5 different sources to find out whats going on at Unitech), it is fair to ask what got sleezebag Saulep all stirred up at this particular time?    Did he lose his government legal work consultancies once government witnessed the full extent of Saulep's incompetency?   Are the reports of the fairly impressive accomplishments happening at Unitech making Saulep outraged?   

We have learnt from last year's Saga that Saulep is extremely vindictive but also dumb and unpredictable.  He cares only about getting payback.  He would gladly destroy Unitech if that made him feel vindicated for whatever wrongs he feels he suffered as a result of Unitech saga.

Saulep is likely attracting any such rats who have lost their comfort nests after being sacked for corruption.   Some of them are undoubtedly serving as Saulep's eyes and ears on campus and banding together to try and topple the VC.   Oh those rats must long for the good old days of the inattentive and equally corrupt former Vice Chancellor Misty Baloiloi!    They felt no threat to their jobs back then.

Here is a message we would like to send to the honest and good Unitech staff and students.   Dear friends and fighters of corruption at Unitech, be warned and take heed.  Bad Baby Ralphie is on move.   Keep up your guard.   Keep your eye out for other snakes in the grass on campus, especially those named in the Sevua Report, who would love to see the Report's recommendations are swept under the carpet permanently.   Any terminated staff still on campus you can be sure they want the good old days of embezzlement to return to Unitech.   Slackers on campus they want to remain slackers they have no interest in working for their pay.

From all accounts Sir Nagora Bogan is an honourable man so we request that as Unitech Chancellor he deal with this perpetual bad smell aka Ralph Saulep once and for all if Saulep dares step any further out of line with nonsense accusations as leader of the Unitech scum.    Sir Nagora, please start implementing all Sevua Report recommendations.  Saulep seems to be the kind of pest who won't quit causing problems until he's thoroughly stomped out like a cockaroach.   He needs to finally feel the sharp pain of justice being achieved against the corrupt.

Unitech students you were the shining star of the nation last year when you stood up for justice against rats headed by the corrupt David Arore, Philip Stagg, Ralph Saulep and Misty Baloiloi.   Your actions helped topple all of them from power.  You quite accurately picked who was on the good side and who were slimebuckets in this Saga.   Anyone who worked at Unitech during the time of the former VC Baloiloi is well aware that things have changed from night to day in terms of good governance and intolerance of corrupt souls.   Never again will Unitech funds be used to pay for the VC's daughter's fancy wedding as happened when Baloiloi was signing Unitech cheques.

Students, please stand up again as the pride of the nation if Ralph Saulep makes a move to disrupt Unitech.  Make sure he's slapped back into his rat hole .   Also find out who are the Judases at Unitech who are trying to claw their way back into power.  Once you identify them, smack them so hard that they'll wish they had crawled away in shame as would have happened in most countries.   
The best way to stop any remaining ratbags at Unitech to get evidence against them and expose the culprits.  You are always welcome to email your stories and information to PNG BLOGS.  That will expose the guilty ones good and proper and shame them before the world so that anyone googling their name even decades from now will read about their sins.    

Ralph Saulep has fired the first shot in his hopes to restart a Saga we thought we left behind.   If Saulep tries again to disrupt the peace of Unitech it should be considered a callous declaration of war against honest people who are tired of corruption as usual.

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