Fred Konga Stupidly Tries To Intimidate Corruption Fighters

And Now Earns Himself Permanent Search Engine Indexing That Allows The Whole World To Learn About His Selfie!  

We Are Anonymous are a loose knit global group of concerned citizens who fight for justice and fight against corruption.   We include computer hackers and others who use cyberspace to take power back from the corrupt and put it once again into the hands of law abiding citizens.    We Are Anonymous PNG came about as it has become more obvious over the past year that Prime Minister Peter O'Neill is intent on ending democracy in PNG and becoming its de facto dictator.   Those who love freedom will fight this, above ground or underground, whatever it takes to ensure that justice is delivered to the people of PNG against tyrants such as Peter O'Neill.

However We Are Anonymous has declared a special war against Fred Konga.  This was done not because he stupidly photographed himself naked, e-mailed the photo, then had it published making him look stupid.   All that is insignificant.  We are at war with Fred Konga because he used this incident to make every attempt to silence all who did bring out his sins into the public domain.  He used threats and intimidation against law abiding citizens.   This will not stand. 

Such actions caused "huge impairable* damage in [destroying] my character and inflicting huge pain, shame and embarrassment not only to me but my wife, my children and my family, my tribe and the people of Jiwaka and Western Highlands."   - Fred Konga

* Please comment using Disqus to this article if you know this word and explain it as it is not in any English dictionary.

No truer words could be written than by Fred Konga himself than the above quotation, as he describes how he, as a member of the PNG educated elite, displayed totally primitive behaviour that demeaned himself, his position, and PNG bureaucrats in general. 

Anyone who thought that our high level government bureaucrats exhibited high professionalism need look no further than Fred Konga.   Indeed, his wife children and family tribe and the people of Jiwaka and Western Highlands are to be pitied by the shame and humiliation that Fred Konga has brought upon them.   He is correct in what he says, but the blame rests totally with him.

Fred Konga states that the naked selfie is not of him but was a hybrid photo of his head put onto a naked body.   First off, the small endowment of the body organs made one immediately suspect that the body did belong to this man.   But scientifically, a close inspection of the individual pixels of the photo show that there is no sharp break in colours as there would have been had this been a spliced picture.  The picture is real.   The body and the head are of the same person in the same photograph.  Fred Konga has lied to the world, hoping his lie would take hold.   It has not.   The image below shows the pixel analysis.   Fred Konga, you're caught lying again. 

Fred Konga's use of legal mumble jumble word defences hoping to make it look like he was an innocent victim is hilarious.   For example: 

"I did not consent or encourage any production, publication and circulation of any pornographic material culminating to the breaking of any criminal law nor did I misconduct in the cause of executing my duty, bringing disrepute to my esteemed office." 

What a mouthful of nonsense.   Of course he didn't consent or encourage the photo to be spread throughout the world, everyone knows that.   Instead he stupidly took a selfie of himself naked and sent it to probably a girlfriend.   A naked body is not, itself, pornographic and Mr Konga’s very small endowment almost makes it the opposite of pornography.    This selfie is humour and laughter, not sexual arousal or pornography.    We wonder how much he paid a lawyer to put together this silly statement.   We know what the purpose was:  It was to convince his friends and family that he didn't photograph himself naked.  Of course, that is not the case. 

All this so far makes Fred Konga look like a baby brain trapped in a grown man's body, but with childlike endowment of certain organs.   What enrages We Are Anonymous is his attempt to frighten and intimidate those who would rightfully spread the news of Fred Konga’s sin. 

All readers should be very clear about the following:    It is NOT defamation if you are spreading something that is true, no matter how offensive that truth is. 

Fact:  Fred Konga took the naked selfie of himself.  Fact:  The selfie is not pornographic.   Fact:  No one who spreads the photo via email or posting on Facebook is violating any anti-pornography laws in PNG. 

What the selfies are, in truth, are a display of a PNG government bureaucrat behaving like a child not befitting the office he occupies.   The selfie is embarrassing to PNG as a whole.  It is shameful.   However, there is nothing illegal about spreading neither the picture nor the story about the picture.  

Fred Konga well knows that but he tries to frighten off people anyway through such statements as:

"Police investigations were underway and some of the Facebook perpetrators had been identified".

"Media organisations that published the story on the Selfie 'will have a few legal questions to answer to in due course'.

No, Fred Konga, they will have nothing to answer for.    They have done nothing illegal but you trying to intimidate them into silence make you guilty of the worst possible deception.  That is why your selfie photo is going to be spread on the internet in a way that ensures that 10, 20 or 30 years from now your sons, daughters, even grandsons and granddaughters will be able to google "Fred Konga" and find your selfie photo.  

Here are some other facts that you might well want to be aware of:

- Nearly servers that hold the images of your naked selfie are located outside PNG, particularly in the United States and Europe.   There is nothing illegal about storing, sharing, discussing, and laughing about your naked selfie when the words are stored on those overseas servers.   Get used to it. 

-internet service providers cannot ensure individuals who create or open Facebook accounts are identified.    This shows how very little you know about the internet.  As much as you want to play the dictator and shut up people's rights to free speech, you cannot do it.   Facebook is an American company that uses https protocol for log-ins.   The common free e-mail services also use http protocol for log-ins and creating accounts.  What that means is that the servers are not located in PNG, and no PNG internet service provider can possibly spy on the information transmitted through https protocol.   All such information is encrypted.   The users within PNG are secure in their anonymity and there's nothing you or the PNG government can do about it. 

As for your comments about the need for registering SIM cards as soon as possible, there is already organising to circumvent the planned registration of SIM cards in PNG so that people who want to do legal things like spread naked selfies of public servants like yourself will continue to do so, knowing that they cannot be harassed or intimidated by corrupt people like you.  Fake IDs, bribing Chinese shopkeepers to make up names and addresses for SIM card registration, etc., are but a few of the techniques already identified that will be put to work.  Try to stop it.  

VPN?  Proxies?   Better learn those terms, Mr Konga.   Citizens in China use both to get around Chinese censorship of web sites.   If China cannot block information from its citizens such as naked selfies of corrupt government bureaucrats such as yourself, don't expect the PNG government to succeed either. 

We end with one more of your laughable statements:   "They must be accountable to their actions.  They will still have their freedom of free press but they must be identified people and not hiding behind fake names and executing, killing, doing enormous damage to good citizens.  I am a victim of this."

Wrong, Mr Konga.  You are no "good citizen".  Already, thanks to your protests, people are coming out on the social media describing your many and varied corruptions.  The whole story is coming out and spreading throughout PNG because you, Mr Konga, have failed to intimidate and threaten the corruption fighters of this land.   There is no rule or law on the internet that says anyone has to use their real name.  Wake up to the real world if you think otherwise.  

You can bluster and blubber as much as you want, but the facts remain that:

- You took the naked selfie of yourself and were the first to spread it.

-no one is violating defamation or any other law to spread your selfie far and wide.

-no one has to give their name, answer any legal questions, or anything else regarding their spreading of your naked selfie and their comments about it. 

Your mistake, Mr Konga, was thinking that you were smarter than everyone else and could threaten people so that they stopped spreading the truth.   Instead, now that you've made it a big issue, the truth of Fred Konga and his corruption will spread to servers across the world, become firmly indexed in the search engine, and give you the humiliation, pain, shame and embarrassment that someone behaving like yourself rightfully deserves. 

Next time, try another tactic.   For example:   Try acting like a grown, mature person, and be faithful to your wife. 


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