Susan Merrell continues to amaze me at the way she ferociously attacks and defends herself on social media but not anymore. The name Susan Merrell is synonyms with keyboard warrior and she is very good at it. She claims and fiercely defends that she has a doctorate degree and two masters degrees. One would imagine that the degrees under her belt are sufficient to be an expert in her area of speciality.

She poses so subtly as an independent commentator on PNG issues and with her proficiency and eloquence in English, bamboozles all other audiences and commentators alike to either follow her or left confused.

Her recent wave of attacks mounted against respected citizens in the likes of Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika and Sam Koim of Papua New Guinea was a source of concern for me to know a little bit more about the person “Susan Merrell” and her motivations. An objective and critical observer who follows her trend of publications and commentaries would discern her motives and not miss her destiny.

On facebook, one Kuni catechized Merrell persistently to opine whether it isn’t corruption for the taxpayers of Papua New Guinea to foot the legal bills of Prime Minister O’Neill to defend and challenge his personal criminal cases. Merrell obnoxiously diverted on peripheral issues and one could clearly see the entrenched resistance on her to come closer to the answer. On one hand she is the mouth piece of the PM’s lawyers, yet on the other hand she claims the innocence of knowing nothing.


Susan Merrell administers a blog called “PNG Echo”. She is accountable to no one in the articles she writes. She censors comments on her articles and ensures that “all praises” are retained.

I posted this as a comment to Susan Merrell’s article titled “The Incredible rise and fall of Sam Koim”
“STEVEN ANDRE on August 19, 2015 at 7:45 am said:
(Your comment is awaiting moderation.)
With due respect, I find this article as a gossip blog. The cardinal principles of journalist objectivity are wanting. The author either fails to pursue the truth including giving the persons affected by this article a fair opportunity to respond, or if they had responded, only juicy part of their stories were extracted to pursue a premeditated cause.
I have read a couple of articles such as the one about the Deputy Chief Justice of PNG and former Opposition Leader and I’ve found nothing dissimilar to this one. I have reached a conclusion that articles are premised “subjectively” and not “objectively”.

Journalists run a fine line between politics and public opinion. A small slip can lend you in one side. I find this as a work of a “political spin doctor” aimed at suppressing perceived opponents to a government.
I don’t know much about PNG politics but am more inclined to hold these views.”
Looks like she ‘moderated’ my comment and it’s deleted. Not only is her optimism bias is truly untameable, but she is protecting something. She appears to be a loose cannon in the cyber world.
In the instant article, she is the prophet of doom and predicts the downfall of Sam Koim, a process she started with her article with the assassination of Koim’s character. Her wave of attacks on Koim and his team of devoted public servants is in sync with the rest of her team –Greg Shepherd, Tiffany Twivey, Katrina Collins and the rest of those who feed off from the current government. Her article is not a coincident.

On her facebook employment status, Susan Merrell poses as “self-employed”.
One Kuni remarked on a Sharp Talk facebook post “For a divorcee who has no formal employment living high-fly lifestyle, she needs to be the spin-doctor of PM.” She was literally enraged by that comment and unleashed her loathe. Look as if someone touched her sore.  
Susan claimed that her formal employment is journalist/academic/political scientist. That is not a formal employment. Only dimwits would implore others to believe that their credentials rack in money without working for it. To sustain a lavish lifestyle with regular trips to France and on luxury cruise ships globetrotting, one has to make enough money. If she is a consultant, then who is engaging her services? She has no record of being employed in Australia. How could one claim to be a consultant without an active engagement?
Media organisations in Australia never engage her nor publish her articles. When pounded why that is so, she unreservedly claimed that Aussie media organisations cannot pay her so her articles never get published. That confirms she does her work for the money. The issues she raises in her articles do not worth more than the money she is after.
There are reports alleging that Susan Merrell approached then Deputy Prime Minister and Opposition Leader Belden Namah to be his press consultant and a further work on a “women’s bill” proposal job for $A250,000 per annum. In order to lubricate the deal, she offered her unattractive self. Both deals were turned down, the source of her personal bitterness over Belden Namah. See

I observed most of her articles with interest. Never at one time would Susan Merrell take a swipe at PM O’Neill. One the other hand, her articles are designed to destroy all perceived opponents of Peter O’Neill.
Few Examples of Pro-O’Neill Publicity are:
The examples of her subjective writing on figures who are deemed as opponents to PM O’Neill are: (because Namah was a formidable opposition leader constantly nagging O’Neill). (Reaction to Salika convicting Jimmy Maladina, a close crony and partner in crime of Peter O’Neill). (Because Sam Koim and his team were going after Peter O’Neill to have him arrested and charged for fraud).

Susan Merrell has never committed a single iota of thought in commenting about the glaring instances of corruption that Peter O’Neill and his cronies indulge on a daily basis. It is so unthinkable that someone who claims to be an expert on PNG issues wilfully turns a blind eye to this. When confronted by a facebook commentator on her silence, she claims she doesn’t know. How convenient is that?
And incredibly so, she is quick to defend the corrupt that are pillaging the country. 



1) - Susan Merrell, Tiffany Twivey and the notorious Ni Cragnolini

2) - The luxurious yacht ride along circular key, Sydney

3) –The Picnics that never end
And off course, the girls have urges too –almost intimate, so close that they fall and rise together

 How could one expect someone who drinks from the same poisoned chalice remain independently from the rest of the group? In her own words, he who pays the piper calls the tune.

Considering all the above and after having observed her views on social media, I have reached a firm conclusion that Susan Merrell is a “Paid Spin-Doctor” of Peter O’Neill & Co and NOT a “watchdog” on PNG issues. Susan Merrell has no other concern for PNG than her paid role. She cannot pass an objectivity test nor fare favourably on a moral compass. One wouldn’t be surprised to check her bank accounts on who is paying her.

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