It's not the first time, Fred Konga is in the spotlight on social media.

Many serious allegations were made against Fred Konga in September last year here on PNG NEWS and a major investigation called for.

Firstly it was alleged that the Border Development Authority (BDA) Executive Chairman Mr Fred Konga diverted a contract to a company that was not recommended by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to provide brown and white goods to refurbish the newly built houses at Wutung station.

Other allegations made at the time are as follows:

"The 32 houses built at Wutung are funded under the K90 million loan obtained from the Asian Development Bank. These houses were allocated to all the Border Agencies. The BDA Tendering committee followed stringent procurement ADB guidelines to award the Contract to Suppliers who met ADB’s requirements."

"Out of the evaluation process two prominent companies (Brian Bell, Courts and Theodist were shortlisted). These companies offered to provide white and brown goods for a total of K600, 000.Out of the three, Courts was then selected by ADB."

"However Mr Konga rejected ADB’s recommendation and engaged a supplier based in Jayapura, Indonesia to supply the goods at about K700, 000 a hefty price. The Jayapura based supplier was facilitated by a PNG man by the name of Greg Augustine who is married to a West Papuan lady and resides in Jayapura. Mr Augustine is a business friend of Mr Konga. Mr Konga also has to explain where he has parked the PNG Government component of 5% (K15million) of the Project and in which Trust account."

"He must not mislead the public to say that he has no control of the funds but ADB office in Manila, Philippines is controlling the funds. Yes the ADB component of 95% (K85 million) is controlled from Manila. But what about the PNG component? Mr Konga has to explain why he used Wutung Project funds to buy two brand new vehicles worth a total of K600, 000. He also has to explain why he is using the Wutung Project funds to engage street consultants who are mostly his relatives to provide unprofessional consultancy services to BDA when there are professional officers employed by BDA to carry out those tasks."

"These street consultants namely: Paps Marine for K1 million to provide shipping marketing consultancy for the run down seven barges. These barges are not working and yet a marketing consultant was engaged to market these barges.• Paul Timbi to also provide marketing consultancy for the barges for K100,000.• Rueben Pokanau of CS1 media production to do TV documentary for BDA for K100,000 when there is an experienced and professional media officer already been employed by BDA.• A Government Lawyer is now engaged for K20,000 to review the BDA Act 2008 when there is already a BDA Lawyer to do that.• In fact a Government Lawyer should not be engaged."

"There are other consultants who have been engaged at K100,000 for Land consultancy and web site designing services. All these consultants were engaged without following the Public Service Management Act and Public Finance Management Act."

"There was no Tender advertisement in the media to recruit these consultants and no three quotations from suppliers were obtained as expected in the Public Finance Management Act where goods and services worth over K5000 needs to have three quotations from different suppliers. Also there needs to be a Human Resource audit conducted in the qualification and experiences of the BDA staff."

"About three quarters of the BDA staffs are inexperienced and lack qualifications to occupy Management positions."

"In fact all the Officers occupying Management positions have criminal implications. These officers were either sacked or escape from their previous employment for misappropriations. A police criminal check-up needs to be done on all the staffs and a background character check from their previous employers needs to be obtained."

"Their past reputation of misappropriation of funds is now manifesting in their implementation of their respective daily management duties for BDA. Such abuse of foreign aid will give a bad impression to the international funding institution and will jeopardize PNG Government’s future load assistance to fund social-economical projects.No matter what Mr Konga’s explanations there needs to be a major investigation into Mr Konga’s administration as there is wholesale abuse of the Public Finance Management Act and Public Service Management Act."

Mr Konga also has been patronizing the Deputy Prime Minister and Intergovernmental Relations Minister Grand Chief Honorable Leo Dion.When Mr Dion won his Dispute of Return Court case last year, Mr Konga was in Kokopo celebrating the win with Mr Dion and his supporters. He used BDA funds to hire vehicles to mobilize supporters to transport them to the court house and to the village and also to host parties. He also uses BDA funds to hire Hotel accommodation and took official Travelling allowances."

"Mr Konga has leased a BDA official car to Mr Dion’s political officers and funds from the OFFICE Of the Intergovernmental Relations have been diverted to hire that BDA official car. Money generated from the hiring of the vehicle was shared among Mr Konga and the Political officers.Yes it’s a big abuse but yet Mr Dion is turning a blind eye on the management abuses done by Mr Konga."

"There are more abuses like getting his wife and children to travel to Lae and Management to inspect PNG Maritime Transport Limited (PNGMTL) and to book hotels. All expenses paid by BDA. Yes the Border development Authority (BDA) has to be abolished as we believe it was established by Aitape-Lumi MP Patrick Pruaitch on political grounds to siphon public funds."

"Mr Pruaitch and BDA’s first Executive Chairman Mr Pomat Manuai bought seven second hand barges from a Samarinta ship yard in Surabaya, Indonesia, at an inflated prices and now all the barges are not working.These barges need to be sold off and proceeds from the sales should be remitted to the Treasury. Evidences of financial abuse are that Mr Manuai and Mr Pruaitch now own properties in Port Moresby and Cairns and they must also be investigated."

"In fact Mr Manuai is now working and living in Adelaide, Australia. Forest Minister and Kiriwina-Goodenogh MP Douglas Tomuriesa used BDA funds and assets to campaign in the 2012 election when he was still the Executive Chairman. Former Sandaun Administrator and now Nuku MP and also Intergovernmental Relations vice Minister Mr Joseph Sungi was a Board Member."

"Prior to contesting the election, he sold his Property in Vanimo for an inflated value at over K800, 000 to BDA and went for election. And Mr Sungi is still having Titles to that Property and the Titles have not been transferred to BDA yet. Not only that. The Property that was bought by BDA at Hohola in Port Moresby for a huge amount of money, the Title has not been transferred to BDA yet."

"BDA is just a duplication of what other existing agencies can perform.There is no need for BDA to implement social-economical projects in Border Provinces. The Border Provinces respective MPs can implement social economical projects under their respective District Service Improvement Program (DSIP) funds. Also the construction of the Border administration and surveillance Posts can be administrated by the Border Liaisons Division of the Intergovernmental Relations Department and the Works Department."

"Yes the establishment of BDA has to be investigated and abolished. Changing of Executive Chairman will not solve the management abuses - as the Executive Chairmen in the past were appointed by Politician and not through the formal appointment process required by the BDA Act 2008. So the appointments of the Executive Managements in the future will still be politically motivated and abuses will still continue. The Act is just a cover up of management abuses."

Responsibilities of office are defined under Section 27 of the Constitution of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea. Refer to Division 2.—Leadership Code:

(1) A person to whom this Division applies has a duty to conduct himself in such a way, both in his public or official life and his private life, and in his associations with other persons, as not—
(a) to place himself in a position in which he has or could have a conflict of interests or might be compromised when discharging his public or official duties; or
(b) to demean his office or position; or
(c) to allow his public or official integrity, or his personal integrity, to be called into question; or
(d) to endanger or diminish respect for and confidence in the integrity of government in Papua New Guinea.
(2) In particular, a person to whom this Division applies shall not use his office for personal gain or enter into any transaction or engage in any enterprise or activity that might be expected to give rise to doubt in the public mind as to whether he is carrying out or has carried out the duty imposed by Subsection (1).
(3) It is the further duty of a person to whom this Division applies—
(a) to ensure, as far as is within his lawful power, that his spouse and children and any other persons for whom he is responsible (whether morally, legally or by usage), including nominees, trustees and agents, do not conduct themselves in a way that might be expected to give rise to doubt in the public mind as to his complying with his duties under this section; and
(b) if necessary, to publicly disassociate himself from any activity or enterprise of any of his associates, or of a person referred to in paragraph (a), that might be expected to give rise to such a doubt.
(4) The Ombudsman Commission or other authority prescribed for the purpose under Section 28 (further provisions) may, subject to this Division and to any Organic Law made for the purposes of this Division, give directions, either generally or in a particular case, to ensure the attainment of the objects of this section.
(5) A person to whom this Division applies who—
(a) is convicted of an offence in respect of his office or position or in relation to the performance of his functions or duties; or
(b) fails to comply with a direction under Subsection (4) or otherwise fails to carry out the obligations imposed by Subsections (1), (2) and (3),
is guilty of misconduct in office.

Perhaps the legal officer employed by the Border Development Authority may care to comment and deny or confirm that the "Naked Selfie" was not taken during working hours.

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