As decreed in the Constitution of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea:-

“By authority of our inherent right as ancient, free and independent peoples

WE, THE PEOPLE, do now establish this sovereign nation and declare ourselves, under the guiding hand of God, to be the Independent State of Papua New Guinea.

AND WE ASSERT, by virtue of that authority

· that all power belongs to the people—acting through their duly elected representatives

· that respect for the dignity of the individual and community interdependence are basic   
  principles of our society

· that we guard with our lives our national identity, integrity and self respect

· that we reject violence and seek consensus as a means of solving our common problems

· that our national wealth, won by honest, hard work be equitably shared by all”

All power is with us the people who must guard with our lives PNG’s national identity, integrity and self respect at all times!

Failure to guard with our lives PNG’s national identity, integrity and self respect, especially when called upon to do so, will only allow more corruption to manifest in the form of immorality, poverty, misery, disease, death and destruction in our beautiful beloved resource rich country.

Therefore this is a very important call to all genuinely concerned intelligent law abiding citizens to take collective action on October 26th to call for Peter O’Neill to resign or step aside. You decide what is right and what is wrong or who to support or not to support and if you want to be seen supporting Peter O’Neill as ‘PNG’s Champion of Progress for the Corrupt in PNG’ that’s your call. Just simply do not protest on October 26th and let Peter O’Neill continue to act as a Dictator and continue to serve his foreign cronies interests (i.e: his foreign female cohorts like the infamous Delilah of Waigani).

If you care for your future and your childrens future then do with your heart what you believe is true and right for the future of PNG as a leader in your own right in your own village or town or city and country or suffer the consequences along with your family for your failure to protest when called upon to do so too many times already. 

The entire population of PNG must be made fully aware that the Registrar of Political Parties and Candidates, Dr Alphone Gelu is proceeding to push for certain changes to the Organic Law on the Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates (OLIPPAC) to be tabled in the next session of parliament which in effect will consolidate Peter O’Neill’s grip on power if Peter O’Neill is not replaced as Prime Minister by a non-PNC party member, in the next session of parliament, and these amendments to the Organic Law are NOT prevented from being passed as a result of O’Neill not being replaced as Prime Minister by a non-PNC Party member.

It is therefore absolutely imperative that all genuinely concerned intelligent law abiding citizens mobilize on October 26th and exercise their constitutional mandates as empowered by the Constitution to call on O’Neill to resign and also to tell their duly elected representative to change the Prime Minister in a Vote of No Confidence when parliament rises and resumes the next day on October 27th.

The writing has been on the wall long enough already for everybody with internet access to see the reality of what has been really happening in PNG under O’Neill’s reign. People must once again mobilize in tens of thousands to protest against Peter O’Neill but this time WE MUST NOT LEAVE until O’Neill and his cronies concedes defeat. It’s make or break time!

The dream of many intelligent honest Papua New Guineans to become Prime Minister must not be stomped on and quashed by such a law being passed which will automatically make the leader of the largest party (O’Neill) who has the largest number of “declared candidates” (O’Neill’s PNC party) the Prime Minister.

We don’t have to see all of the exact precise wording of this particular proposed amendment to know that such an amendment is highly undemocratic, unconstitutional, draconian, dangerous, dictatorial and distasteful AND must be strongly opposed by every right thinking Papua New Guinean!

Any person elected to parliament – such as an Independent candidate - must at all times have absolutely every equal right to be a candidate for the Prime Minister’s post – in the event of a Vote of No Confidence – or a vacancy!

If people through their duly elected representatives permit the passing of the amendments to OLIPPAC then yes it will bring “political stability” as envisaged by Alphonse Gelu.

It will bring “political stability” for Peter O’Neill and his People’s National Congress Party members and corrupt foreign cronies, and will especially enable O’Neill’s corrupt foreign cronies to further fill up their pockets and further fatten their foreign bank accounts with money derived from public funds which should instead be spent on medicine and drought relief supplies and books and computers for school libraries and paying all outstanding entitlements.

The amendmends to OLIPPAC if passed will also further serve to legally entrench corruption under a thinly disguised Dictatorship and authoritarian style government led by Peter O’Neill.

Get ready to really say good bye to Democracy in PNG when the proposed amendments to OLIPPAC are passed if thousands of concerned citizens fail to mobilise peacefully in NCD or in their own home province on October 26th and put a stop to it.

Only all true law abiding intelligent PNG patriots who care about the future of PNG and believe in the power vested in them through the Constitution as decreed to under the guiding hand of God our Almighty Creator are required to collectively demonstrate people’s power NATIONWIDE through PEACEFUL dissent against Peter O’Neill and his Government on October 26th, 2015.

Other people should stay at home and not go to work on this day unless they are a police officer or soldier or health worker. Politically illiterate and politically apathetic people and those who may be politically compromised are also not needed at the nationwide protest on October 26th. It is better that University student leaders in Port Moresby also do not participate in the protest.

Instead the onus is on high school students and primary school students not to be fooled like their parents by O'Neill's promise of Free Education and Free Health and be prepared to protest in their place on the 26th of October by refusing to attend school on this day and refusing to return to school until O’Neill steps down or is replaced and the proposed amendments to OLIPPAC are thrown out.

The next generation must not rely on the current generation to act in good faith and in the National interest to save PNG. Failure, especially by the youth, to act on this day MONDAY the 26th of October 2015 will most probably seal Papua New Guinea’s fate until 2017 under the Prime Ministership of Peter O’Neill who appears to be up to his old tricks again - aiming his arrows again at the Judges as he did during the Political Impasse to cling onto power.

If all patriots reading this – especially those who have closely followed political events since O’Neill was first sworn in as Prime Minister on the 3rd of August 2011 - fail to act on MONDAY the 26th of October 2015 by exercising their constitutional mandates to guard with their lives PNG’s national identity, integrity and self respect then this is most probably what will occur:

1.          O’Neill through the Government Whip Solan Mirisim and Speaker Theo Zurenuouc will suspend or adjourn parliament until next year. Parliament rose in record breaking time last year because they feared a repeat of the Sandline Crisis.

2.          O’Neill will arrange for three quick readings of the proposed amendments to OLIPPAC to have it passed after parliament resumes next year.

3.          O’Neill will then sit back and laugh at all his political opponents and critics – all of whom may have complained about him since 2011 but failed to remove him and who will continue to fail to remove him on the floor of parliament because his position and that of his party will be secured under OLIPPAC.

4.          O’Neill will of course continue to preach and boast about Free Education and Free Health and Infrastructure Development when the country is already severely in debt, to the tune of billions of Kina, to foreign interests.

5.          The Opposition can of course go back to court and oppose the amendments but don’t expect any decision to be handed down swiftly and expediently in the National interest. It may take years just like decisions for other important cases have taken years to be handed down.

6.          The cases against O’Neill – in the ongoing ‘Arrest Warrant Saga’ will not be dealt with swiftly and expediently – just like the Supreme Court Reference by the East Sepik Provincial Government was not dealt with swiftly and expediently during the Political Impasse about the illegality of the then O’Neill Namah Government.

7.          O’Neill will not step down or resign as Prime Minister even if he is eventually arrested and charged on corruption charges and no amount of People’s Power will remove him later because it will be too late!

8.          With the backing of his Ialibu-Pangia people O’Neill will be re-elected to parliament in 2017 and with access to public funds and resources he will be in a better position than most - as he was in 2012 using public funds to pay hotel and hire car expenses in Alotau - to win the numbers to form the next government in 2017.

Anybody who knows O’Neill will agree that he may also invoke the Judicial Conduct Act and start sacking the Judges who are presiding over his many cases in a desperate last bid to thwart his arrest. He is already trying through James Marape to get two Judges disqualified!

You are all also assured that O’Neill - aided by his scheming lawyers, sycophant supporters in the form of "Souths Power", his puppet MP’s and his foreign cronies - will play every trick in the book – by hook or by crook – to remain in power and cling on to the already heavily indebted public purse and all the perks and privileges they enjoy whilst the majority will continue to suffer and work to pay back, through the imposition of higher fees and taxes, all the money borrowed by O’Neill since 2011. Today’s youth who will inherit this debt in future can stop the debt from further escalating by taking decisive action on October 26th to call on O'Neill to resign and give himself up to the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate

Ask yourself, what type of Prime Minister takes anybody (let alone 43 MP’s as reported) on a joy ride to Sydney to watch the NRL Grand Final when people have died and are dying from the drought and when hundreds of thousands of people (maybe millions of people) in the Highlands and different parts of Papua New Guinea such as in West New Britain, East and West Sepik are affected by El Nino weather conditions and are suffering and struggling to survive by searching for food to eat and water to drink?

The Judges may feel intimidated and out of fear or misguided belief that “political stability” under O’Neill’s leadership is preferable to “political stability” under another leader – particularly if it means their judicial career (hefty salary) and or life is at risk - will simply maintain the status quo for as long as possible – as they did during the Political Impasse until the next General Election in 2017.

Patriots must mobilise on October 26th and also tell the Judges that they must swiftly and expediently deal with outstanding cases of National Interest and stop O’Neill from politicising the arms of Government, Police & Defence Force & Judiciary.

The Judiciary must not be intimidated but the Judges must not rely on the same level of support they received from the public during the Political Impasse. The Judges will receive very little sympathy if they do not strive to ensure that a repeat of the Political Impasse, which very nearly deteriorated into anarchy, is prevented. They must strive to do their duty swiftly and expediently in dealing with all the already OUTSTANDING cases against O’Neill.

Next year will be too late. The courts will go into recess soon and government accounts will close. FAILURE to act on October 26th to guard with your lives PNG’s national identity, integrity and self respect will mean O’Neill will not be removed as Prime Minister in a Vote of No Confidence during this term of parliament and O’Neill will not resign or step aside as Prime Minister even if he is arrested and charged during this term of parliament!

This time O’Neill has his own private army of security guards who have access to an arsenal of high powered firearms and people must not underestimate that Peter O’Neill and his supporters will not resort to using violence as a final solution to suppress the will of the people to peacefully protest against his Prime Ministership.

The political situation can be likened to a pressure cooker – which lets off steam occasionally before exploding in a big mess – if the people’s rights to peacefully protest against O’Neill remaining as Prime Minister continues to be suppressed. People who play with fire – or pressure cookers - can expect to be burnt! For the good of the country the pressure cooker must be switched off! To prevent the pressure cooker from exploding prematurely – before it can be switched off - some more steam must be released and O’Neill must step aside in this next session of parliament.

Due to the very real likelihood that rogue cops supported by O’Neill’s private army of armed security guards, who have been seen manning Police Headquarters, will interfere in the people’s rights to peacefully protest (as they have done many times in the past) all the members of parliament who do not support Peter O’Neill’s continued rule as Prime Ministership are requested to be physically present at the October 26th protest especially to ensure that rogue cops and security guards are not permitted to disrupt peaceful protesters.

As witnessed largely via social media, the country has gone through political turmoil after turmoil (episodes of madness) during which respect for PNG’s national identity, integrity and self respect and respect for the Rule of Law has been greatly denigrated simply because one man - the Prime Minister - refused to resign or step aside until such a time – if ever - his name is cleared such as over the Parakagate saga, the UBS Loan, the LR Group Deal, the NPF Tower Fraud, etc. etc.

It will soon be nearly two years since the first batch of arrest warrants were issued by the court for Peter O’Neill, Don Polye and James Marape to face the law over payments to lawyer Paul Paraka. Even before the arrest warrants had been issued, Peter O’Neill had already become the most hated Prime Minister in Papua New Guinea ever!

Peter O’Neill derides and decries social media and he can write off social media as those “few people” posting rubbish; but that won’t alter or hide the fact that thousands of people have used social media, especially over the last few years, to express their hatred or disgust or disrespect or contempt or criticism of his leadership as Prime Minister of PNG.

It won’t alter the statistics that as of January 2014 there were 240,000 Papua New Guineans in a month who accessed Facebook via their mobile phones. That figure may have already doubled or even tripled. The statistics also show that ninety six percent of internet users in PNG have a Facebook account and there was a reported total of 1.5 million mobile internet users in PNG in 2013.

The O’Neill government uses mainstream media and also social media to publish pro-O’Neill & pro-PNC propaganda, but the O’Neill side have never been seen to directly address any of the large number of social media users who over the last few years have called for O’Neill’s assassination.

It is of course very wrong and against the law to make any death threat against any person but not once has any of O’Neill’s staff publicly challenged or questioned any person who has publicly made any threat against O’Neill and held any of them accountable or liable under current laws.

Instead they are working to control social media through the introduction of cybercrime laws to make it illegal for any Papua New Guinean not to use their real identity online and to force Papua New Guineans to register their sim cards. What they may not understand is that social media cannot be controlled. It won’t be controlled by the introduction of National Identity cards & registered sim cards.

It won't alter the fact that O'Neill is hugely unpopular and hated by many people. Most PNG social media users will only start to show some respect to O’Neill after he shows respect to the Rule of Law by stepping aside and withdrawing all his cases filed to try and stop his arrest for as long as possible.

What people – especially Christians - must also be made aware of is, according to a very high profile credible person from Milne Bay, Peter O’Neill engaged a sorcerer (Witch Doctor) from Milne Bay in 2011 who used black magic to make O’Neill become PM and therefore O’Neill may be under the influence of black power – the forces of darkness & evil – and is not just using his personal wealth as well as public funds and resources to remain in power as Prime Minister.

If that story is true then maybe that is why the O'Neill government repealed the Sorcery Act and why so many people have posted images of O'Neill portayed as a devil with horns and fangs.

You decide what is true or false, but beware! If you want to allow a minority to continue cheating our country because you are one of the cheats or you believe their lies then shut up, otherwise stand up and speak out during the October 26th protest to remove the liars from power before it becomes too late to save PNG from more disaster!

To participate in the October 26th protest by standing up and speaking out to help ensure that truth, justice and democracy prevails in PNG and is not hijacked AGAIN by a very small minority of power hungry politicians and their supporters you can do any or all of the following:

1.          Help spread the word #OperationRausimPO26Oct15NationwideProtest

2.          Bring a banner or placard to the Oct 26th protest or just bring yourself

3.          Tell your duly elected representative to vote Peter O’Neill out in a Vote of No  Confidence if he stubbornly continues to ignore the wishes of the people and continues to refuse to resign or step aside as Prime Minister.

4.          Pray for the forces of darkness to be defeated without the use of violence and civil conflict  erupting.

All duly elected representatives must comply with the wishes of the people by fully respecting the constitutional mandate ‘that all power belongs to the people—acting through their duly elected representatives’, and those of them who don’t can expect to see the wrath of the people materialize in 2017 during the next general election when they can get duly voted out of public office for failing to heed the wishes and calls of the people. Most of them will be voted out but as for O'Neill unless he is stopped on October 26th and October 27th and quickly and successfully prosecuted he will most probably be voted back in by his 'Souths Power' in 2017.

If the pressure cooker explodes at any time in a big mess before 2017 then don’t blame any activists organizing the October 26th protest because you have hereby been warned of what will most probably occur if people fail to mobilise on MONDAY the 26th of October and don’t blame us for informing you that if the pressure cooker does explode before 2017 that it won’t stop O’Neill from continuing to be in control of the country as Prime Minister.

The innocent will continue to suffer and he’ll be back stronger and more powerful than ever in 2017 if people fail to mobilise around the country on MONDAY October 26th 2015. Start organizing now to mobilise. Don't wait for someone else to take the lead to organize. Do it for PNG. Take the lead and help organize the nationwide October 26th protest in your village or town or city. Ignore every person who opposes it and who tries to influence people not to participate in the nationwide protest on October 26th. The people who will tell lies and try to confuse people to try and stop the protest are traitors to the Constitution and the real enemies of PNG. It is our Constitutional Duty and our Constitutional Right as mandated by the Constitution to protest and we must do so on October 26th to save PNG

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