The name “Rogue Police” is synonymous with Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC), a stigma that other innocent and hardworking cops have to also live with. Today, civilians are more fearful of the police than criminals.

Police ill-discipline is part of a bigger problem that had been neglected for a long time and grown to be inherent in the RPNGC. The consequences of it are manifesting. These inherent problems are now being sustained and exacerbated by the current O’Neill Government’s use of RPNGC as a political tool to suppress opposition. With the added ‘political will’ of the current government, the Police will use it as a ticket to go all-out and abuse their powers and commit more crimes.

PNGBlogs published a number of stories concerning O’Neill’s interference with the police force including this one. http://www.pngblogs.com/2015/10/politically-corrupt-running-police-force.html
But nothing could be more worrying than this one.

In order to create blindly following and be subjected to the political whim, the current government aligned the following loyalists in various key positions of the police heirachy. Each of these people have questions hanging over them; either they were disciplined or dismissed.

1. Gari Baki –Police Commissioner:
Failed politician and has political affiliations hence serious implications on the independence of the office of the Commissioner of Police. Implicated of conspiring to defraud K10m for LNG Security arrangements. Terminated. Reappointed by O’Neill without clearing pending allegations.

2. Raphael Huafolo –Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police:

Failed Politician hence likely to undermine the independence of the Office of the Deputy Commissioner of Police. Terminated for causing disaffection within the RPNGC hence it was difficult to place him on salary. Reinstated by O’Neill Government without clearing him of pending allegations.

3. Sylvester Kalaut –ACP Southern: He was PPC Madang for two years. Under his watch, Madang’s crime rate escalated. Madang town is a small town and there is only one exit road –making it very hard for criminals to commit a crime and escape. That was one of the main factors that contributed to the peace and beauty Madang enjoyed for many years. If Kalaut failed Madang, what is the guarantee that he’d do a better job in NCD/Southern Command?

4. Ben Turi –Metropolitan Superintendent NCD:
Suspended by Yakasa and Awan Sete previously for disciplinary offences. Without clearing his disciplinary charges, he was reinstated by O’Neill Government.

5. Fred Tundu –Gerehu Station Commander
Dismissed for killing yet reinstated by O’Neill Government without clearing the pending cases.

6. Sengi Laki –Port Moresby Police Station Commander
Dismissed on corruption charges and setting up private security firm. Reinstated by O’Neill Government without clearing the cases.

7. Jacob Ivaroa –Officer in Charge –Special Investigations Team investigating Fraud Squad officers and others who are pursuing the case against PM O’Neill.

Terminated relating to an assault at Bomana Police College. He purported to obtain warrant against Mathew Damaru, Timothy Gitua and lawyer Mcronald Nale. O’Neill Government brought him back without clearing the pending allegations.

8. Anthony Manjin –Special Investigator assisting Ivarua. Disciplinary charges were pressed against him for passing a value-less cheque. He resigned before penalty was served on him. O’Neill Government reinstated him without clearing the pending case.

9. Notorious Philip Pokop –arrested and charged for two murders at Hanuabada village early this year. Also implicated in previous murders. Was supposed to be dismissed and locked behind bars. But still moving around with very high power Singaporean made weapons he got from the police armory during the height of PM O’Neill’s imminent arrest last year. He is believed to be closely communicating with PM.

The O’Neill Government has not only politicized the police force; but brazenly criminalized the police force. On the one hand PM and his faithful stooge Baki feed us with the rhetoric of police discipline whilst on the other hand, they have recalled all the contaminated officers.

Tell me if Baki and O’Neill are interested in Police discipline.

The people listed above are contaminated and since their fate hangs in the balance; they will do anything to secure their positions. That's exactly what O'Neill and Baki wanted --blind loyalists.

These people have not been purged of their past sins so they will be very contagious in spreading their disease of ill-discipline within the rank and file. The worrying thing is they all are placed in high ranks and are likely to spread their influence down the rank.

The continuous suppression of protests should not come as a surprise.

PNG must brace for the coming of a police state.

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