This articles stems from Anir land owners from New Island province, through Island Resource Owners Association (IROA) asking Mineral Resource Authority (MRA) to revoke the exploration lease licence (EL 2096) issued to an Australian based exploration company known to be Mayur Exploration Limited.
According to Sunday Chronicle, Sunday October 25, 2015, pg 13, MRA through Mining Advisory Council (MAC) audaciously ignored the land owners call and instead recommended to the Mining Minister to grant the lease license to an applicant company in question.

The action of MRA through MAC tantamount to bullying in nature bulldozing decisions to the dismay of simple people; the resource owners on the ground. Reckon people should have the final say but it isn’t the case with Anir people of New Island. I am tempted to form an opinion that one party is collaborating with the other and in this case, MRA is conspiring with Mayur Exploration Limited denying the land owners. 

There are incidences (known) of MRA officials operate like cowboy and conspire with potential investors and write report in full support of applicant and Anir peoples case isn’t an isolated incident. Such blatant behaviour on the part of MRA is merely fuelled by money exchanging hands, nothing else.
MRA in rebuttal can brash aside and argue its ground but mind you, whatever transaction transpires in complete secrecy is witnessed by the walls of the enclosed room. The reality is, like an indelible ink, one can’t hide the naked fact.

It is typical of MRA using bureaucratic language quoting Section of governing Act to legitimise the decision and the position of MRA with purported explanation calculated to white wash views of ambiguity nullifying views and concerns raised by land owners.

It raises a legitimate question, should MRA was to advise the Mining Minister through MAC against all odds to grant lease license to potential exploration applicant company, what then is the purpose of hosting mine warden hearing? Why then resource owners given the opportunity to lodge an objection using Form 14 when in actuality, it has no bearing on the anticipated outcome? Why not MRA assess the application from Konedobu Mining office and grant the licence instead? It is to the futility and defeating the purpose of hosting Mine Warden Hearing & use of Form 14. No correlation at all when MRA is manipulative and finality of outcome doesn’t favour the resource owners giving false hope to the people.

When decisions are bulldozed, it is evident people have been paid handsomely so that they maintain a tight-lip and by hook or crook, EL is predestined to be awarded to the applicant. The rigorous process from MRA to the Minister via MAC is merely a formality.

People may not have the insight knowledge of what transpires within MRA, however, can’t be ridden on the ignorance of the people. Though they appear naΓ―ve and look ignorant but people have the natural instinct to judge and tell.

There are fishy things going on at MRA. Wheels and deals are secretively arranged between MRA officials and potential investors. When resource owners front up at MRA office to make an enquiry, officers come out and take them into one of the rooms and start to lecturer on the administrative protocol. But the resource owners don’t know what transpires behind closed doors with MRA Managing Director, Tenement Registrar, Chief Mine Warden Officer and Manager Technical Assessment section and other officers of rank and pile. Mining Minister and ministerial staff can’t be isolated when it comes to wheels and deals.

Read what Minister Byron Chan and PM Peter O’Neil collaborated in a conspiracy to take over Tolukuma gold field in a secretive arrangement. The value of Tolukuma project was devalued to the tune of K85.5 million. It was reported that a company from Singapore bought Tolukuma but was just to create an impression. In reality, Peter O’Neil and Byron Chan scheme worked so well with a company name Asidokona which has Papuan taste is understood to be registered from Singapore. Read more here,…/a-comprehensive-analysis-of-peter….
It is being reliably told (people who get in and out of MRA and knows who is who) that you can take MRA officials out for lunch or dinner to some secluded places where no other eyes are looking across the table or no CCTV surveillance is zooming down on you, can meet in isolation in complete exclusivity and talk through. In this scenario, surely money exchanges hands whatever the amount may be and this is bribery. They are bribed handsomely on top of hosting the lunch or the dinner. That is their share of the kickbacks on a micro level whilst Peter O’Neil enjoys his kickbacks in a gigantic proportion.

The people of Anir through their LO company, were able to take it to the print media and challenge Philip Samar and his retinue of officers but only the time will tell and what about rest of PNG? Surely there are lot of prospecting going on throughout the breadth and the length of the country and what has and will become of them? Unbeknown to the people (resource owners), so called explorers conned the people, secure the exploration lease license and using that to trade at various SX avenues raising money and at the same time, it raises the company profile. All the while, poor ignorant resource owners are deceived and given what can be termed as lollies.

This adds to the tale of corruption riddled Peter O’Neil government corrupting every system of governance and public institutions of state. Philip Samar’s team is of no exception particularly the key players in the forefront.

MRA, in the very recent past, allowed questionable applicants to apply for exploration lease license despite strong objection from the resource owners. Adding to the dismay, the mining ministry office can’t be isolated. Ministry and MRA officials cover each other’s back so well not to spill the beans.
Why very Papua New Guineans are betraying their own kind for the want of perishable materialism “MONEY”? It is a crime against humanity for individuals using institutions of state to indulge in corruption.

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