Good evening all who are friends with me on FB. My last FB post was in my disgust in the manner in which Paul Paraka Lawyers (PP lawyers) without conscience to the harm they do to name and reputation of others continue to bring in questionable claims for settlement by State.

Today ( 1st of March 2016) PP lawyers asks me to apologize and withdraw the statement I wrote on the basis that they had secretly without many of us knowing, had a Supreme Court order of 11 July 2014, in the decision of their 2006/2007 matter against state ( SCR 15 of 2006 and SCR 3 of 2007).
His letter reminded me and I quote him " Order # 3 all persons or parties connected directly or indirect in respect of all matters emanating or arising from the investigation and disputes over the PP legal bills, including those involved in the relevant court proceedings, police investigations and members of the public at large are restrained and prohibited from making or publishing any material or press release or statements of any kind whatsoever.. and Order 4 " restraining order will remain in force until last of PP matters dealt with and determined by relevant court".

Many of you in FB have been asking why the information I released was not made earlier to both formal media and social media. Well there you go above is the reason, not that I knew of his order granted as presented in his letter to me. That's the first time I am seeing these orders stopping us from talking publicly on these matters.

I was primarily silent up till last week because I had live proceedings in my own taxation matter in court in which I am trying to find out how much State has paid the firm for the last10 years they have been claiming from State. My case plus others before court and the police investigations on this matter bounded myself from making any statement thus far in respect of court and police work.
May I remind Paraka that I would not have gone out in that manner had you not resubmitted another claim of 24.1 million to Finance Secretary under the cover of your letter of 26th January 2016. PNGBlogs and FB splashed public discussions based on your letter seeking new payments and I can't sit back taking backlash and inferences as a party to your firm's continual habit of sneaking in claims against the state.

What will you do to my reputation that is damaged as a result of your greed and lust for money. Had your firm heed my instructions in October 2012 for proper verification, consistent with PM and also the then AG Kua's instructions, you and me will not be arguing today.

Your modus operandi has not changed since. You sneak behind closed doors using departmental staff, you now doing it again, but thanks to your first saga, we have improved systems already in finance department, amongst them no cheques above K50,000 is printed without secretary's approval. I am sitting at the door, no cheques will be made to your firm until my taxation matter is concluded and hopefully it should establish weather State owes you money or not. Bring your files to that court and don't evade that court.

So you want my apologies in your letter, I apologize to the courts and police for bringing this matter to public discussion based on PP lawyers new claims that caused social media discussions that led to my post. I apologize to PP lawyers because of their court order.

To the public, PP lawyers through court order directs me to pull down my post of last week in this matter hence I am deleting my post. All you out there please delete your posts as this firm is equipped with a court order that is forcing me to delete my post.

But may I remind PP lawyers that they too owe apology to all person and family your firm has hurt in your quest for money. I don't know you in real life as a person nor do I have relationship with your firm and I have a dented reputation now because of your claims and you now have guts to ask me for apologies ?

By the way PP lawyers, the attachment you put in your letter to me today was a re paraphrase by PNG blogs , my write-up is what is seen on my FB wall which I am deleting now.
Finally my apologies to all my friends, PP lawyers request me to apologize on FB based on supreme court orders hence this post.

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