Papua New Guinea gained independence from the neo-colonial Australian administration in September 16, 1975. Since then, we have had seven Prime Ministers in the likes of Sir Michael Somare, Sir Julius Chan, Sir Rabbi Namaliu, Paias Wingti, Late Bill Skate, Sir Mekere Morauta and the controversial incumbent Peter O’Neil.

Under the leadership of previous Prime Ministers, country enjoyed tranquility with transition of changeover of leadership (PM) through political manoeuvre but peacefully and done and dusted in the spirit of the constitution. Never had one time experienced a political coup except the incumbent wrestled and forcefully taken over a legitimate government that of Michael Somare. It is telling the tenacity of the aggression to grip on to power by becoming untouchable by laws of the land. He has written a new chapter in the brief political history of PNG and is typical of a thief and remember this, a thief comes to steal, destroy and kill.

Never had one time, we had an experience of foreign reserve depleted to all time low. Never had one time, we had the agencies of law enforcement dragged into the public domain let alone being ridiculed by the public. The police department and judiciary were most revered and venerated institutions of state but have dissipated.

Members of the judiciary and justice sector in the yesteryear's were regarded as people of impeccable character and commanded lot of respect from the community at large. The same is true for men and women in blue uniform and not to mention PNGDF and CIS.

However, in the term of this incumbent government, we envisaged mega changes both good and bad. But by compare and contrast, bad outweighs the good. Proliferation of bad has dented the economy, institutions of state and systems of governance. The damaged has resonated the breadth and the length of the country impacting the ordinary people.

In the short history of PNG, we have had one of the most corrupt rogue police Commissioner. By hoot or crook, determined to fight tooth and nail to keep the ruthless, totalitarian tyranny of PO regime. Rogue PC is well backed by retinue of half-backed members of the constabulary pursuing to advance personal gain like pack of blood thirsty wolfs rushing in to take a share of a carcase before it runs out.

The former attorney general Hon. Keraga Kua markedly made an intelligent observation and remarked that commissioner Baki was overreacting to the arrest of Ano Pala and Tiffany Twivey. He was overcharged with emotion because if he (PC) does not act, his inaction will lead to arrest of Sam Bona, James Marape, Daire Vele and Peter O’Neil. No wonder he was under the pump and his body language was telling. He was driven by emotion and spoke with angry tone.
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The former Chief Justice and regional member for Madang provincial Sir Arnold Amet unequivocally stated that rogue PC Baki’s claim is outrageously flawed (reported on social media – pngloop news). Baki lacked substance to substantiate. He continuously reverts to the previous Supreme Court (SC) recognising PC has constitutional powers and reckons he has inherent powers. Previous SC decision does not leverage nor give Baki the leeway to be willy-nilly and haphazard perverting the cause of justice. But his interpretation of the Supreme Court’s decision is primarily protecting the interest of crooks like James Marape, Ano Pala, Peter O’Neil, Sam Bona, Tiffany Twivey, Daire Vele and close allies’ enrichment from the plunder. He is under immense pressure to divert the cause of justice. If it means to throw Damaru and his team into incaseration and that’s the next immediate thing they are working on around the clock ensuring it eventuates. For they know it will undoubtedly stalled the arrest and other related issues will be permanently stayed.

Given the enormity of economic crisis the incumbent government has created, it intrigues to observe that former Prime Ministers remain completely silent to date. Sir Rabbi Namaliu is out of active politics but that does not excuse him to be mute. Sir Julius Chan has gone into hiding and Paias Wingti, since declaration of 2012 national election, never said a word or two until now. Apart from Sir M. Somare, Sir M. Morauta and Sir A. Amet coming out publicly (benefit of social media) and asked corrupt PO to stop conducting media trial but step down or step aside and give in to police for interrogation, no other senior statesmen have commented may be in fear of retribution.
Whilst the founding fathers have categorically called on PO to step down, what are other members of parliament doing? The writing is clear on the wall that under the captaincy of corrupt PO, this ship is sinking. Why other members of parliament aren’t react to the reckless gross mismanagement of the country by a ruthless regime? The country is in financial red. It would require vigorous and rigid effort doing heavy lifting to build the economy! Yet, members of parliament are behaving like deaf, dumb and blind to the reality before their naked eyes.

All heads of government agencies and top bureaucrats are maintaining a tight-lip and no one wants to be whistle-blower. Trade Union movements and student Union bodies have gone into hibernation. Church leaders are condoning the gross corruption and in the worse scenario, praying for the continuity of a corrupt regime remains in power. This is horrendous and insanity of the worse kind. Disguise of serving the sanctity of the church, leaders using their title and position leveraging political mileage. In the pretext of using the divine word, bible texts are handpicked providing interpretation suiting the situation imparting an impression that God is speaking through the context of passage being read and continue down the path of corruption.

The sanctity of the word (bible) is holy and pure. Finite mind, having fanciful views may bring together passages of scripture and put a human construction on them, but the acceptance of these views will not strengthen the desired outcome in the discourse. “For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart” Heb. 4:12 (NIV). According to a book titled “Mind, Character, and Personality volume 2 p. 763, has this to say and l quote in part…..“Human intellect is not omnipotent; that without the help which none but God can give, human strength and wisdom are but weakness and ignorance”. On that juncture, take note this from the word the only word according to Romans 1: 32….”Although they know God’s righteous degree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice” (NIV). New Living Translation (NLT) version….“They know God's justice requires that those who do these things deserve to die, yet they do them anyway. Worse yet, they encourage others to do them, too”. Finally, English Standard Version (ESV)….”Though they know God’s righteous decree that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them”. How do venerate clergies revered for their profession of faith and assumed to be grounded in the word, distance from giving approval to those who practice corruption? I leave to the wisdom of learned people to settle the conundrum.

The Police Minister (Robert Atiyafa), since the controversy began with previous Commissioner Tom Kulunga, was unheard off until first reported on social media (PNG Facts News – read more, and picked up by the two daily papers claiming he stands by rogue PC Baki’s latest moves. Public now has this informed view that Robert Atiyafa and Gari Baki including Ano Pala and others are nothing but mere tool boys for Master Peter O’Neil.
PNGeans have come of age and advanced. People are literate and have ability to dissect things. People aren’t ignorant and naïve anymore like in the Stone Age period. Who are Peter O’Neil, Gari Baki and Robert Atiyafa to fool? People aren’t your stooge!

Despite of their religious status quo, people are God’s creation bearing the image of God. Government, regardless of who is at the helm, is an extension of God’s government for the greater good of humanity. Laws on the land are derived from the sanctified law imprinted by His own figure given to Moses on the mountain submit. With full knowledge, Peter O’Neil, Gari Baki, James Marape (who should know better and become Daniel and Joseph of old but have succumbed), Ano Pala, Daire Vele, Sam Bona, Tiffany Twivey and retinue of cronies largely benefited from the corruption, their fate hangs in the balance.

A minority can’t hold the country at random and continue the evil for long. Should power of money is at work, you will not and l repeat, O’Neil and Baki team will not bribe God in their pursuit. Intervention and vindication, however and whichever form will come to alleviate the masses of the people.

This appeal is to all members of parliament to be brave like Hon. Kerenga Kua and jump out of that sinking ship of Peter O’Neil. The reality is you won’t last long with him. Corruption has limitations. Saddam Hussein was caught in rat hole and never had an honourable burial. Muammer Gaddafi of Libya had a terrible ending to his political career. Peter O’Neil never handpicked you to be in parliament. You are a leader on your own right representing your voters. You can’t be used as mere tool for his political mileage.

A real leader and to be a man of steel is one who is like a needle is to the pole and are you?

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