RPNGC Siding with Corrupt Politicians to Suppress Citizens, Met Sup Turi involved with Asian Organised Criminals, has side businesses apart from Police pay


Papua New Guineans are genuinely informed that contempt charges regarding non-compliance of the National and Supreme Court Orders were served on Police Commissioner Gari Baki and he refused to accept it.  However, Mathew Damaru had it successfully served on Mr. Baki's lawyer. Baki's other rogue officers in the likes of David Manning, Samson Kua and Jim Andrews have had their Court Orders served already on them. These rogue police officers will have their field day at the courts and justice will decide where they stand and what they should do and should not do.

Meanwhile both Mr. Raphael Huafolo (the buffalo) and Mr. Victor Isove are on the run hiding away from Fraud Squad Officers of being served their contempt charges. Both of these rogue police officers will be served their contempt charges when they are found. Any Papua New Guinean who sights them must report them at the nearest police station or go on social media and post their whereabouts so Fraud Officers can move in and serve their contempt charges.  All these rogue officers and their corrupt commissioner Mr. Gari Baki will face the courts for contempt charges any time from now. The constabulary is divided and only a handful of rogue members of the police force in Papua New Guinea are supporting their corrupt officers including their Commissioner Baki. This will be the third contempt charge against Baki and for sure time is running out and he is surely running out of options too.

On the other hand, both Mr. Peter O'Neil (Prime Minister) and Mr. James Marape (Finance Minister) are now moving around under heavy police security after the slip rule application failed in the courts. Both their houses are also heavily guarded by rogue and corrupt police men. However, the wheels of justice are still rolling and soon both will be arrested.  On Sunday, 08th May 2016, the National Capital District Commander Mr. Kalaut and Met Supt Ben Turi had a media conference and announced that the proposed protest today, Monday 09th April 2016 will not be allowed as it would be unsafe and contemptuous for everyone whilst the matter is still in the courts. Mr. Kalaut and Mr. Turi are believed to have been paid by Peter O'Niel and Mr James Marape to discourage public protest and to suppress and oppress every possible opposition against the current corrupt government. Police in NCD are divided and not all support their superiors and their actions.

There are many police men out there in NCD who are ready to support the students and general public for the planned protest to go ahead. Papua New Guineans are further informed that all the Police Commanders have been bought off and have compromised their position like their puppet commissioner Baki and Buffalo Huafolo. There is no command and control in NCD and the Police force anymore. Crime rate is now very high and very risky with frequent armed hold ups and robberies on a daily basis in NCD and Central Province. Criminals have taken full advantage of the police divide and rule situation and are now committing series of crimes like ever before.

Police in NCD are not policing the streets anymore. Most police men are now guarding politicians implicated and pocketing money as this is the easier way to make quick money. Ben Turi has lost command and control of the NCD command and is a clown with no brain. He has no plans and strategies to fight crime and improve law and order in the city, which is extremely pathetic. He behaves like a mere constable and is lost in the midst of all the chaos that is happening with the politicians. All his criminal friends are now benefiting heavily and he continues to enjoy the benefits quietly and pretends only on the media regularly that he is fighting corruption when in fact he is a very corrupt policeman.

The public needs to know what sort of person he is. He is also running business with his hire cars and buses engaged with Curtain Brothers. He has business deals with Asians and is involved with trading of drugs something for the AFP and drug squads to investigate.  Ben Turi must be investigated and charged immediately as his inaction and actions obviously pose security threat to the citizens of Papua New Guinea, particularly the residents of National Capital District and around Port Moresby.

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