Intriguingly it is becoming very scary with the psychopath and pathological liar Peter O’Neil at the helm as Prime Minister remotely in control of the country. A lot has come undone by this ruthless regime whilst he and cronies make a good killing.
He has cleverly strategized to make all institutions of state become powerless or virtually being paralysed evident by prolonging of milestone court cases against PO and those of his close associates and others getting suspended sentence.
Every institutions of state are manipulated or intimidated in a way to remain mute or collude to leverage Peter O’Neil and his political cronies to hugely prosper at the expense of the na├»ve people of PNG.
My heart is pained to envisage people power is not rising to the occasion. The civil society appears paranoid and pessimistic but for what and why? Students alone can’t fight the monster. The students have suffered a lot in missing classes and sustaining injury from police. It requires collective people power in solidarity to bring the evil regime down.
The constitution allows for freedom of assembly, freedom of expression, freedom of speech and freedom of gathering. However, this has been negated time and again and people are intimidated. Noel Anjo organised a gathering at Unagi oval on 26th October 2015 but by force dismissed the gathering by rogue Ben Turi team (read more visit here…/protest-leader-claims-anti-pm-marc…). On that occasion, people suffered police brutality. The same team fronted up the opposition leader one early morning to address the public at Jack Pindik oval.
Number of times, formal request put through but on purpose, being let down. It isn’t inadvertent but intentional. They disguise by saying, peace and good order committee (P&GOC) did not give the permission. We don’t need to know the composition of the P&GOC but apparently one thing is for sure, they are appointed by the government of the day and work for each other.
I suppose it isn’t a clever tactic but thick-headed people of unsound mind using another level of bureaucracy to deny people of their constitutionality of freedom of assembly, gathering, speech and expression. It is suppression of the worse kind in this era.
The recent turn of events with students boycotting classes from all premier learning institutions (UPNG, Unitech, UoG, UoV, etc.) showcased the overwhelming discontentment with the totalitarian regime.
Deployment and heavy handed used of police over the students boycotting of classes particularly on eventful Wednesday (8th June 2016) police audaciously fired live ammunition aimed at defenceless students has Peter O’Neil’s fingerprints all over ( as was reported on CNN…/06/07/a…/png-protest-students-shot/).
In all of the episodes developed both recent and the past, there is a pattern being repeated here. Rogue police are singing the same chorus. No doubt, PO is remotely dictating the all affair.
Pathological liar can’t distance or deviate from taking full responsibility for hurting students. I revert to a statement made by Sam Koim in Canberra on ABC news (for more reading & audio, visit;…/koim-accuses-png-pm-of-corr…/5545112) paraphrased. When you get close to the source of the heat, you get burnt because of intensity of the heat emanating from the source. A better analogy would be, you chase wild animal and continue to pursue until it is cornered, animal turns around and faces the pursuer with aggression in its defence. It charges at the pursuer or if caught, it will do what it takes to extricate for freedom. In actuality, this is the exact situation because it is at the tail end of the O’Neil saga. He is cornered, he is caught, he is found wanting.
Anywhere within or abroad Peter O’Neil travels in the falcon jet, his lieutenant Peter Ipatas is always in company. When O’Neil appears before the camera, Ipatas is not too far off (to the side or in the background).
Ipatas isn’t the king maker and he won’t be one either. Nevertheless, he likes being around O’Neil as if both are inseparable identical twins though sharing a common name. He is pairing primarily to send a signal to his political rivals that he is that close and owns the prime ministership.
People are socially constructed and with progression of time, they in eventuality will find someone who would share something in commonality. People of the same interest gather to gather easily because of a common denominator. For instance, substance abusers like to stick together and as well as alcoholics. Yes, Ipatas may get that close to O’Neil to secure territorial boundary to keep his political rivals at distance but what is common between the two? I leave the conundrum to work out.
Ipatas regards free education was his brainchild but that is contestable. The notion of free education long existed prior to him being elected. However, he is regarded has father of children for championing free education in the province year in, year out.
He only got on the band wagon chanting students to return to class but where was he on Wednesday during the commotion? Don’t expect him to be at the scene as did his colleague Governor Gary Juffa witnessing the episode firsthand, however, since the incident on Wednesday, never paid a visit to critically injured students in the hospital for these are Engan students. Instead he summoned the Engan students to Bluffin hotel. There, including himself, Alfred Manase and Peter Mision Yaki addressed the students.
This isn’t a show of true leadership. Ipatas is another of O’Neil’s political stooge like Ano Pala, Ben Micah, James Marape, bureaucrat stooge Gari Baki, Dairi Vele, etc. A true and real leader is one who is prepared to sacrifice fame and popularity and stand up and be counted as needle is to the pole. A true honest leader is one who stands with the people in time of despair and in time of plentiful. One who distances in time of despair is a political coward.
It is typical of Ipatas using media as a cheap tool rallying behind PO. He is first and quick as always defending PO because they collude and conspire in thievery and rise to the pinnacle in the shortest way possible.
For Ipatas to say economic situation in PNG is the direct result of drop in world oil price and not of PO’s doing is pathetic. Don’t shift the blame. Take full ownership for this is self-inflicting.
Ipatas may compare and contrast the successive Prime Ministers and brand PO has best ever (The National, Wednesday, June 15, 2016). PO on record time has burrowed (both internal & external) humangosly compared to any other Prime Ministers and delivered milestone developmental projects at an exorbitant price. Should Ipatas applauds such reckless decisions to burrow more and drive the country into near recession under PNC (both past & present) and brand PO the best PM, he is in same psychopath as his master PO and both need visiting Aloki psychiatric hospital.
One being national leader, that does not impart anyone immunity from people criticising the leadership and style of management of country’s affairs. Or one being veteran politician doesn’t make someone of impeccable character with infallibility.
Combining Isaac Lupari and Peter Ipatas, the duet is responsible for economic woes this country is facing. Isaac Lupari is a questionable personality and combining all of the three and likeminded in the equation, no goodies left for the people when vultures partying on the carcase. What should people expect when individuals collude in the pretext of chartering milestone developments and put their own agendas ahead of people?
The learned judges who are appointed on merit to the positions of responsibility are duty bound to uphold the tenets of the constitution. Supposedly, they and their family (wife, husband & children) should maintain impartiality and keep a clear distance from members of civil society particularly politicians and their families. That including both within and abroad. But sad to say this isn’t the case.
Time and again, social media is inundated with comments on justice not being served with impaired judgments and continued delays amounting to justice in denial. More so, judgments (known) were influenced by external factors and decisions were construed to be impaired implying justice wasn’t served.
Of the three arms of government, judiciary is an independent institution of state. Judiciary however should speak its own mind but isn’t the case anymore. PNG judiciary is virtually being weakened. How? Classical examples, Ipatas gets acquitted and told to pay K16, 000.00 (K1, 000.00 each for 16 charges), Jimmy Maladina gets 7 years suspended sentence and Gari Baki is a Bomana material for three pending contempt cases but yet, he takes leverage of judiciary and inflict pain and misery to innocent students. Should above accounts isn’t enough to prove judiciary being weakened than what else will prove otherwise?
Pathological liar Peter O’Neil’s case for somewhat bizarre reason gets tangled up courtesy of judiciary. Peter O’Neil knows he is a Bomana material however he relinquishes the prime ministership. He is fighting tooth and nail to retain power for simple reason, not to get anywhere near Bomana.
Controversial cases supposedly take precedent over other matters but strangely gets dragged on for longer duration.
Court cases of national importance unreasonably get delayed for prolonged duration rendering breeding space for the accused to strategize next counter move. It is likened that of an analogy of malarial drugs. Incomplete taking of medication imparts opportune time for the parasite to build resistance. With recurrent malaria, malarial drugs fail because parasite now knows the threat to its existence and already built resistance in defence to withstand.
Knowingly, courts are entertaining crooks like Peter O’Neil, Ano Pala, fugitive Dairi Vele, Gari Baki, host more. They take advantage of longevity of delays and abuse the system to enjoy pekes and privileges accorded to positions being held.
Someone in the court system is surely responsible for all the delays so far. It isn’t an inadvertent but intentional and surely someone is in Peter O’Neil’s sphere of influence. Could it be that Rimbink Pato? Why would court cases of important milestones continue to get delayed or prolonged which has the potentiality of breaking or making the country? Suppose it would be natural instinct to expedite the trial until judgment.
Otherwise the competency of PNG judiciary is at stake and Chief Justice, His Honour Salamoa Injia need to put his foot down and show leadership and safe this country from the brink of economic collapse because judiciary knowingly or not knowingly is party to the economic woes in the country.

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