Meanwhile, Peter O'Neill is off the hook. So is Vagi. So is Pala. In fact, over the past few weeks, one case after another against Peter O'Neill and his cronies have been dismissed in court. Our PM is victorious! He and his cronies now are given the appearance of being squeaky clean, while there seems to be a systematic attempt to depose of each and every one of the PM's principal opponents and get rid of other non-PNC MPs before the election, focusing on what for all outward appearances, appear to be very real corruptions by Somare, Polye, O'Neill, etc etc.
Maybe it's all coincidence. Hmm?
Why did the Supreme Court so quickly manage to act on the Vote of No Confidence, showing what they are capable of doing, yet the equally important and nationally divisive UBS loan scandal went on and on and on, not being considered by the Supreme Court for how long now - certainly a year, but maybe even two years?
Maybe it was just a mistake. Hmmm?
Why are these cases against the PM and his cronies being dismissed on technicalities rather than any establishment of guilt or innocence based on evidence?
Maybe all the police and ombudsman investigators, as well as the Public Prosecutor are nothing less than totally incompetent. Maybe the PM doesn't need outrageously priced Queen's Counsel (paid for by we the taxpayers) after all.
On the other hand, maybe those who are gathering evidence against those who oppose Peter O'Neill are all competent. Or maybe they turn competent or become incompetent, depending on who is being investigated or prosecuted.
Or maybe we're just imaging things. Hmmmmmmmm?
We're probably also imagining that Sir Julius Chan, nasty as he was to Peter O'Neill in the time leading up to the Vote of No Confidence, and being as he is a member from New Ireland just like the similarly nasty and traitorous Ben Micah, should be looking behind his back at what bombshell corruption revelations might be heading his way. Michael Somare is getting killed and is legally running away from facing the music and telling the people of PNG the truth. Chan might be next. Then Micah. After all, neither of them have a reputation for honesty or ethics.
Our Prime Minister, throughs his media unit, was the first one to make sure that the Singapore Kickback Bombshell became known to the people of PNG. He must relish the fact that he has not only slapped the Grand Thief in the face, but kicked him in the mud to be thoroughly soiled until the end of time. His legacy will surely be destroyed because drip drip drip drip drip new revelations seem to be coming out daily. Surprise surprise. We are getting 'hot tips' of what next to look into and publicise.
No one can say that Niugini Outlook takes sides. When Peter O'Neill performs his alleged alleged ALLEGED ALLEGED ALLEGED ALLEGED ALLEGED sins and evil corrupt actions, we go after him. When arch rival Somare performs the same kinds of despicable public servant performances, we're exposing his alleged alleged alleged ALLEGED ALLEGED ALLEGED ALLEGED sins too.
The wonderful thing is that we never run out of material. PNG doesn't rank 139 out of 168 countries in horrible corruption for no reason. We only earn 25 points out of a possible 100 for clean, noncorrupt governance because corruption has grown to permeate every level of the PNG public service, and spills over into the private sector too. The corruption extends throughout the government bureaucracy, through the Government MPs, through the Opposition MPS, and karamapim a good number of our Prime Ministers. It's impossible for us to take sides when we're exposing corruption, the examples are everywhere.
One thing we at Niugini Outlook can thank Peter O'Neill for. During his 4 years in office, there has not been any improvement at all in PNG's ranking in the Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index. That's because fighting corruption is not listed at all in the O'Neill government's priorities for while it is in office. Thanks to the government's inaction on corruption, we're sure to have more and more examples in the coming year that we can reveal.
In case any one wanting to defend our Prime Minister wants to use the new ICAC as an example of the PM's commitment, not so fast. Easily, easily, easily Peter O'Neill can ensure that the new ICAC is as financially strangled as he has ensured for the Ombudsman, Public Prosecutor, Auditor General, and Police Fraud investigation units. No money? No work! No work? No progress against corruption.
Maybe that's the way Peter O'Neill wants it. Hmmmmmmmmm?

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