The wonderful thing about the social media is that at least some people involved in it try to dig deeper to uncover hidden truths.  

Many were shocked when Mr Do Gooder, Kelly Naru, doing something kind of bad, like strongly endorsing the most corrupt PM in PNG's history during the recent Vote of No Confidence. 

If you ask educated people living in or around Lae what they think of Naru, you hear several issues of concern:

-he follows a strategy of putting his face in public places next to a face of Jesus Christ.  He puts these 2 images onto billboards, Kelly Naru with Jesus Christ in the background or above Naru's face.

-before he was elected, for several years he was conspicuous in Morobe Province, giving money to this, that, and the other persons or groups.  Almost always  there happened to be a camera ready to record the event, so that both a photo and a happy story about Naru's gift giving would be published in one of the newspapers.  Kelly Naru seemed like Christ Himself with his generosity during that time.

-in his campaign posters the photo used of his face looked like it came from a very sophisticated public relations effort.  One of our friends said that the campaign poster face of Naru had just the right smile, tilted slightly upwards as if looking to heaven.

-he has a reputation for side girls, at least in the past.  

Just these small bits of information indicates that Kelly Naru is one very smart cookie, excellent propagandist and complete fraud. 

Naru follows the classic Anderson Agiru strategy, whereby Agiru in posters used to always make sure that he had a holy cross placed in the background or a picture of Christ, to create the image of God in partnership with Agiru, designed to attract votes and support.   It appears that Naru took Agiru's con game one step higher with the  heavenly face images on his campaign posters.

The recent article in PNG Blogs ( suggests that Naru has played the Paul Paraka / Rimbink Pato game of overpriced legal services from the government, quite probably in return for kickbacks.  The fact that the ultimate conartist, late Speaker Jeffrey Nape seemed to be involved, is one more dot that connects to the others in a very disturbing way.

Google around names like Naru and you often come up with surprising information that unfortunately reinforces the suspicion that the person you're investigating is one rotten apple.  The same is true for Naru.

First there are the beer drinker and womaniser reports, which match what others say is his reputation.

From one site comes a remark from 2010 of the suspicion that Kelly Naru was planning to be a front man for Peter O'Neill in the 2012 election.  In fact, the only time Kelly Naru ever complains about the govenrment is when he says he's not getting enough money from the government.   Doesn't that bring our minds back to the K3+ million per year legal retainer to Parliament while Jeffrey Nape was Speaker?  Supposedly Naru was getting paid K300,000 a month during Nape's 10 year tenure as Speaker.  With that as Naru's reported history, of course he's going to complain if he feels he's not getting enough money from the government these days!

But why would he be so associated with or supportive of Peter O'Neill in the Vote of No Confidence, or even in 2010 prior to the election?

We think we found the answer and where?   In the Commission of Inquiry report on the National Provident Fund (NPF) frauds, the very same report that presented solid evidence for fraud against Jimmy Maladina and Peter O'Neill!

There it is, right in the NPF report, though the mention of Naru's name is specifically in relationship to possible fraud at the PNG Defence Force Retirement Benefit Fund, of which Kasiga Kelly Naru was the Chairman.   The NFP Fraud report, tabled in Parliament on 20 November 2002, contains the following intriguing passages:

"While investigating these matters and while examining bank accounts of the companies and persons involved, the commission located evidence that other very large sums of money were being “laundered” during that period through the books of Carter Newell and PMFNRE [Port Moresby First National Real Estate, of which Peter O'Neill was principal owner]   and that similar scams involving the Investment Corporation, the PNG Harbours Board and the DFRBF [Defence Force Retirement Benefit Fund] were occurring.

The commission is aware and has taken judicial notice of the fact that this was the period leading up to the time when a vote of no-confidence against the Prime Minister in the National Parliament would be possible under the law. It is usual that large sums of money change hands during such times in order to obtain support from members. There was evidence that “political camps” were established and that Mr Maladina was an active political organiser at that time. Perhaps, some of the moneys raised in the two frauds against the NPF were intended for political purposes, but the commission lacks the evidence to make such a finding.

A second Commission of Inquiry has been set up to investigate the funds lost from the DFRBF and the affairs of its chairman Kelly Naru, who is one of Mr Maladina’s fellow legal partners in Carter Newell lawyers [which later became Pacific Legal Group, subsequently headed by Kelly Naru]."

Ahhhaaaa!  The Connection!    Maladina-O'Neill-Naru.

But apparently, if the second commission of inquiry was set up, we have no idea whether a report ended up being tabled in Parliament.  Very few Commission of Inquiry reports are ever made public by the PNG government once tabled in parliament, or even acted upon.

To review:  Jimmy Maladina and Kelly Naru both worked for Carter Newell Lawyers.  Maladina was the principal person involved in the NPF fraud that involved getting a multi million kina kickback from a Japanese contractor in return for a favour, then transferred much of the money to Peter O'Neill, much through O'Neill's Port Moresby First National Real Estate in order to launder it.   During this same time, there were a number of suspicious money laundering activities that seemed to be going on, all of which suspiciously seemed synchronised to the corrupt PM Bill Skate's upcoming Vote of No Confidence.  One specific activity was the amount of money being laundered through both Carter Newell Lawyers (where Jimmy Maladina and Kelly Naru worked) as well as through the Defence Force Retirement Benefit Fund, which Kelly Naru was Chairman of.   All this is in addition to the often reported 10 years of monthly "retainer" fees paid to Naru with the assistance of former corrupt speaker Jeffrey Nape.   Parliament had no need for such expensive outside legal assistance as it had its own legal staff it could draw on.  The fact that Nape, who frequently solicited kickbacks for all kinds of favours while he was Speaker, was involved with the payment of these reported K300,000/month retainer fees strongly suggests that there was a corrupt kickback arrangement between Naru and Nape.  This continued all the way up to 2012, which would have given Kelly Naru more than enough money to throw around "helping people" in the leadup to his election as Morobe Regional member. 

Kelly Naru appears to be a con.  It is questionable whether his strong Christianity emphasis, including his founding of a supposedly Christian value focused Christian Democratic Party, is anything more than a trick, being that it all flies in the face of how he found the money to campaign and get elected to Parliament in the first place, the repeated gossip about booze inspired adulterous affairs that continue to the present (so many rumours hardly ever arise out of thin air, but from eyewitnesses to suspicious activities). 

Now that we see that there has been an O'Neill-Naru connection going back over 15 years.  Both Naru and O'Neill have presented themselves in public events (O'Neill accompanying the arriving 400 year old King James Bible) looking like pious Christians, which considering the other half of what has been reported about their lives, today looks more like a fraud to fool gullible Christians into supporting them.

If this assumption that Kelly Naru is as much of a Christian fraud as the Prime Minister is false, then surely Kelly Naru can come forward and confess to his obvious wrongdoing of earlier years and his personal pathway to Jesus Christ leading to him rejecting his life of sin in the past.  This is commonplace for authentic believers in Jesus Christ who turn over a leaf on their sordid lives of the past in order to commit themselves to Christ not only in word but in action.

The allegations that were made against Kally Naru by former governor Luther Wenge that he had bribed voters in the Aseki area of Morobe Province to help him win admittedly did not lead to his conviction.  However that could have easily been due to insufficient evidence or evidence collected improperly.   What we know with certainty is that a Port Moresby Lawyer, originally from Simbu, swept into Morobe Province and suddenly became a Philanthropist, which was never evidence when he lived in Moresby.   The goodies were thrown in all directions, along with Bible scripture, campaign posters with pious Naru eyes looking towards the heavens, and Jesus Christ's image or name frequently hovering above Kelly's image in subsequent posters and billboards.

The people of Morobe bought into the dream and elected Kelly Naru governor but as shown in the recent Vote of No Confidence speech, Naru remains loyal not to Morobe, but to a person he's likely colluded with for over 15 years:  Peter Paire O'Neill.

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