PETER O'NEILL SEEMS TO EXCEL IN CONVINCING PEOPLE HE IS WHATEVER THEY WANT HIM TO BE: This is a standard tool of successful politicians. They start out as followers of the people's will, which is exactly what elected representatives should be in true democracies. The question we must always ask, of course, is whether when the politician says what they think we want to hear, if they will put all their energies into achieving the objectives that we the people lay out for them. Or are they actually trying to serve their private interests using their public position when they're out of site of the people? Are they lying or manipulating the people who elected them by what they say, using their words to achieve nothing more than to secure the people's support, in the shortterm at least, with no care at all to actually serving the people's needs, but with total concern to hanging on to power?
Whether or not Peter O'Neill is a genuine, God fearing Christian is not something we can answer with any certainty. Those brain dead Christians who can only reply "let God be the judge" need to start waking up to the fact that allowing our leaders to destroy our options of development and the future of our children by saying and doing nothing and "letting God be the judge" is unacceptable. Human beings have always judged other human beings here on earth, before waiting for God to judge. Our entire court system is an expression of not waiting for God to be the judge, but making a preliminary judgment (and punishment if necessary) here on earth.
Looking for clues, however, one gets the strong impression that Peter O'Neill is a fake Christian. The most telling piece of evidence was him going to church leaders in 2012 about the need to control pokies, then appointing himself gaming minister, which allowed him to appoint cronies to take full control of the gaming board. Yes, they limited the number of pokies licenses, but the gullible church leaders were as brain dead then as they were last year when they let Peter O'Neill to take credit for the 400 year old King James Bible donation to PNG. They believed him on the face of things and didn't bother to look deeper. Thus, Peter O'Neill used his position as Gaming Minister not to help the people as much as to help himself and his cronies, ensuring that the majority of the limited gaming licenses were controlled by himself and his two pokies owning cronies, Greg Melides and Luciano Cragnolini of L&A Construction fame.
We haven't gotten the sense that Peter O'Neill's actions to help others are out of kindness or compassion as much as they reflect attempts to buy and keep loyalty. In other words, serving himself seems to come first. His autographing of Bibles works grate in delighting the naive amongst us into celebrating O'Neill as close to God himself, but we see it as another self serving gesture, just like his walking alongside the King James Bible.
Observe any leader closely or for an extended period, and you can get an idea of how genuine they are. We watch Peter O'Neill making statements to the people, without emotion, and curiously , often rubbing the fingers of one hand in nervousness as he speaks, and we don't get the impression of genuineness. O'Neill has been caught red handed too many times in print saying one thing, then doing another, or saying one thing one day, then saying something nearly the opposite the next day. Slowly but surely these examples are accumulating on the internet where they can be seen and read by all.
We're sorry to say but no matter how many allegations he manages to squirm himself out of or remains "innocent until proven guilty" the great corruption of the judiciary process that is well documented to have occurred with his long term buddy, Jimmy Maladina, we believe that Peter O'Neill is guilty of tricking and fooling the people in many different areas.
We have come to believe that he is a fake Christian who either doesn't believe in God at all, or takes the viewpoint adopted by many of our more simple minded people that you can sin as much as you want as long as you want and still go to heaven and all is forgiven if at the end of the day as you get old, you declare Jesus Christ to be your Lord and Saviour. That alone, said with feeling, is what inspires far too many of our public servants to steal with abandon as long as they can get away with it.
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