Ru Lu aka Dora Lu graduated from university in Shanghai in English Literature. She went to work for a Chinese State cultural agency as a researcher in Taiwan Affairs. At the age of 23, she was seconded to a second Chinese State Agency to secure access to funding for the cultural agency. Unbeknownst to her, she was groomed to be the mistress of the head of her new employer. She lost her virginity to the head of the state agency, her former employer got access to all the funding it required.

In time, she married a man who was migrating to Australia as a way of escaping her circumstances. She bore a daughter, Catherine, who is now 8 years old. 

However she returned to China to beg the man to who she was once a mistress, to giver her work. This man is now a very powerful figure in the PRC Government. He directed all SOEs from the PRC with interests in Oceania, to use Dora Lu as their agent to facilitate and secure contracts in the region. 

Enter Nixon Duban in 2014. He met Dora in Brisbane and invited her to come to PNG to do business. In exchange for granting 3 petroleum prospecting licences, his wife Debbie Anne and child are permitted to reside in her house in Indooroopilly. She resides in Chapel Hill. She also owns property in the Brisbane suburb of North Lakes. Her office is located at Unit 1A Fort Lane in Milton. She helped Nixon Duban and Debbie to seek IVF treatment to conceive their first child. In the process, she developed a romantic attachment to Nixon Duban and became his mistress while the wife resided in Brisbane. 

When her husband found out that she was Minister's mistress and arranging card games and sex parties in Asia for rich public officials and company executives in PRC, he filed for divorce in Australia and obtained sole custody of their daughter. 

Nixon Duban took on a 3rd wife who Dora Lu, as the second wife, disparagingly refers to as 'the pole dancer'. While they have substantial business interests together and maintain their romance, Minister Duban and Dora discontinued having sex. This does not stop the Minister from regularly sending pictures of his penis to Dora Lu's phone - she does not hesitate to share those with friends and acquaintances of hers. Dora Lu funded the by election for Nixon Duban and will be a heavy financial backer in the 2017 general elections. She will arrange K5m to fund a 4 week campaign. Her latest contribution are printed t shirts for a music concert hosted by the Madang MP in Madang. Together, Dora Lu and Minister Duban are 'applying' for a large tract of land behind and around the Port Moresby Golf Club. At the same time, the kind people of Boera, through the chairman of LABA Holdings, Raho Kevau, will give Dora Lu a large tract of mangrove sea front land to secure her landholding at the site of Total's proposed new LNG Plant.  

The next Minister with whom Dora Lu formed a romantic relationship with, was Ben Micah. At the same time, she was raped by the oil and gas SOE CEO (using her own words) but after seeking an abortion of their child in China, she became attracted to him in a 'Stockholm Syndrome' type relationship and resumed a sexual relationship until his wife found out. After a brief hiatus, the sex resumed unabated. They both remain very close to Dora Lu to this day. Minister Micah along with many other men, all of the CEOs, regularly visited Dora Lu in her hotel room. The staff of the Grand Papua regularly escorted Minister Micah to Dora Lu's room. On one unfortunate occasion, Minister Micah was escorted, very drunk, to Dora Lu's room by the Grand Papua duty manager. He then passed out completely naked on her bed. She took full frontal photographs of Ben Micah while he lay asleep naked on her bed. she shares those photographs with friends and associates.

Among her many roles, Dora Lu hosted card games and sex parties in locations around Asia for powerful and wealthy PRC officials and company executives. This was the way in which introductions were made and 'networking' took place funds under the control of these officials and executives were corruptly transferred offshore from the PRC for investment in offshore jurisdictions in legitimate businesses or investments. Dora Lu facilitates the investment of these funds on behalf of these officials and executives. Her speciality therefore is to facilitate the same for public officials in PRC and PNG - to invest kickbacks to public officials in cash in bank accounts held in trust in HK or Singapore and invest in property and businesses in Australia. Philip Eludume owns a goat farm in Queensland - he has a preference for large acreage properties. The CEO of a SOE with interests in the petroleum industry has requested Dora Lu to arrange a property in the Australian city of Brisbane. Eludume made sexual advances to Dora Lu, which she rejected and was forced to block his number on her phone. 

Recently. in December 2016, an announcement was made by by a SOE to construct, on its own, an oil and gas pipeline from the Western Province to Port Moresby. Industry insiders have been astounded by news of a scheme in which billions of Kina in taxpayer funds will be committed to a project that will duplicate an already existing pipeline infrastructure for customers that do not have large enough gas reserves to underwrite the capital investment. Dora Lu is agent for CAMCE of China (the chairlady is her 'bestie') and China Petroleum Pipeline. Both companies were announced in December 2016 as being parties to a Master Services Agreement with the oil and gas SOE. Dora Lu regularly arranges bags full of cash and 6 or 7 iPhones at a time for the CEO.  The pipeline will not benefit Papua New Guinea. Dora Lu took the Horizon CEO to China and cultivated a close relationship with him to secure her business interests. 

Twhite Petroleum is now in the market trying to sell its 3 petroleum prospecting licences. For obvious reasons, a petroleum prospecting licence cannot be transferred within 2 years of its grant. Dora Lu boasts that she can secure dispensation from this requirement for whoever buys her licences. 2 of those licences are immediately adjacent to PDL 10 Stanley. 1 licence is immediately adjacent to PDL 1 Hides. Anyone who deals in these licences from Twhite Petroleum will be complicit in promoting corruption in the oil and gas industry. It is a situation that is symptomatic of the way in which the oil and gas industry operates in PNG. A situation which is perpetuated by a Minister that does not want to progress, for obvious reasons, much needed reforms of the industry's regulator. Minister Duban's new facilitator of 'deals' and advisor is a Pakistani named Anur. Late 2016, Minister and the SOE CEO have been strong-arming the owners of PDL 10 to relinquish their interests in Western Province portfolios to the SOE. The owners of Twhite and public officials will be obvious beneficiaries in this power play. 

ACN: 604 898 982
ABN: 92 604 898 982
Registration Date: 23/03/2015
Next Review Date: 23/03/2017
Status: Registered
Type: Australian Proprietary Company, Limited By Shares
Locality of Registered Office: MILTON QLD 4064
Regulator: Australian Securities & Investments Commission
Further information relating to this organisation may be purchased from ASIC
Dora Lu is agent of Covec. Basically what she did was arrange favours to ensure that the payment of Covec's invoices were given priority over other State debtors and its invoices were reshuffled to the top of the pile. She extracts a commission for her services as do the public officials she has dealings with.The circa K250m owed to Covec is legitimate. This scheme extends to the Finance Dept but the true extent of the corruption is unknown. The issue is that Covec prices the cost of doing business into its contracts and the taxpayers of PNG end up paying more than they otherwise would to contractors. it might be purely coincidental that the Treasury Secretary lives in a Brisbane suburb in which Dpra Lu owns property. 

The latest scheme with Nixon Duban is to bring in a substantial amount of PNG Kina notes from a military contact in the PRC in Hong Kong. To that end, the Bank of PNG has extended the time by which they will accept old currency notes. 

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