This coming 2017, National General Election is most significant and crucial for the nation Papua New Guinea, and for every provinces, including my beloved Gulf Province with its current LNG issues. We have witnessed well over 5 years of turbulence, instabilities, corruptions, and undue manipulations of individuals, and reputable organisations, by current government of Peter O’Steal.
The extent of the damages done by this grand coalition government to methodically destabilised the legal functions, rule of laws, procedures, processes and control structures is beyond comprehension. PNC and the ruling alliance has destroyed the independence and trust of custodian institutions designed to uphold the constitution, safe guard, and protect the nation. These acts of control by egotistic avaricious Prime Minister and his cohorts are mere deeds of criminalities to avoid incarceration.
The principles and visions on which this nation was built upon by our fore-father many demised with Sir Michael Somare, and Sir Julius Chan still around, perhaps other too bemoan such proscribed hunger for wealth and power exterminating democratic principles, Christian philosophies , cultural moralities and ethical values.
Rather, than forging growth, given the volume of investments on our non-renewable resources, worth billions of dollars. Contrarily, the nation drowns in debt well over K21 billion, this could rise steeply after 2017 elections as golden hand-sake gift to befall. “Expect the Unexpected”. It is a shocking reality, the reign of Peter O’Steal, led government saw the economy plunged at rapid scale notwithstanding upsurge investment activities.
Various measures of fiscal pointers indicate GDP plummeted, unemployment increased, social services declined, break down in law and order escalated, drop in standard of education to its lowest, decrease in healthcare and drugs, rise in death rate, lack of infrastructure building and service delivery in the provinces, and many more I could go on listing.
The nation and the people of Papua New Guinea have suffered immensely at the hand on Peter O’Steal, controlled grand coalition government with his initial undertaking to build the nation of PNG through an outstanding alliance government of unity. He has not delivered on the said promises but continually lied, which of course is his “trademark” bullshit he led this country to believe. What Peter O’Steal, and PNC led government delivered to the people of Papua New Guinea are the followings:-
● A distorted version of grand coalition government (GCG) to obliterate democratic, Christian and culture principles, moral values envisioned and advocated for this nation by our pioneering politicians, with Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare at the helm.
● GCG was purposefully created vehicle to maintain control, corrupt elected members of Parliament, promote greed, device schemes to steal (DSIP/PSIP) & other fund, and divert funds for nation build to members wealth building to remain in power.
● PNC steered GCG Ministerial appointments deals are based on agreements of favour give and take. With complete guarantee of secrecy, protection and procrastinate process if discovered by using control tactic to suppress and repudiate the facts, by means of inducements to corrupt heads of protective custodian institutional office holders.
● PNC led GCG intended on weakening the reputable key institutions by revoking the appointments of honest departmental heads/CEO’s, substituting them with those whom they could without difficulty influence, and maintain the ones who would be effortlessly corrupted with ease.
● PNC controlled GCG was not for the people nor to grow the economy of the nation to improve services and standard of living for the people. Peter O’Steal objectives are explicit set himself and members of his GCG up for life through control and manipulations, amending key government entities standing operational rules and guidelines crippling the heads of institutions and Ministers powers away and making them mere rubber stamps.
●PNC directed GCG government fell into the pockets of the foreign Multi-National Corporation going to bed with MNC servicing their interest failing to ensure LO’s, resources provinces, and the nation benefit from its resources. PNC led GCG host government are skilfully controlled and influenced by foreign Multinational Corporation (MNC) to serve them. The resources owners are missing out big time.
● PNC led GCG has no desire to changes the current Resource laws and land laws, for the benefit of the landowners and the nations. The reason being they knowingly use the loopholes in the resources laws and land laws, to enrich themselves this has being on-going practice since independence. Foreign Multi-national Corporation (MNC) uses these loopholes in our resources laws to control our resources by corrupting and bribing our politicians and urging them not to change the resources laws, or at worse direct them to apply minor changes.
●The reason Papua New Guineans are unable to discover, the money trail of the amount of money, paid to our corrupt PNC headed GCG, is because the transaction are done aboard. The parent company of these foreign multinational companies operating in PNG pay directly into the corrupt politicians tax haven bank accounts which are untraceable owing the tax haven banking laws.
Consequently as the economic indicators show GDP tumbled to its lowest, the country has plummeted further into debts, with high cost of living, upsurge in unemployment, business reducing work force, healthcare crises, with botched policies, drop in education standards, miss use of funds etc. Now is the time for change.
From this experiences, and many more not mentioned. This election is the utmost significant in PNG’s history. I appeal to all voters you are not blind nor deaf. There are many candidates who will comes flashing money, and promises “note” many will be lying. Listen carefully analyse their words prayerfully if you are a Christian, many will talk big, but lacks the knowledge on how to drive the economy forward. Most will engage half backed rejected foreign (white) advisors. My plea is do not fall into the same trap again. Vote with your heart not with your mind, vote for the future of your children, grandchildren and for the nation.
Political parties in current grand coalition government (GCG) and their party candidates, or secretly endorsed candidates must not be voted. If current (GCG) are voted back than expect the unexpected. Do not was your votes on egocentric politicians.
In my next write up I will share my thoughts on what needs to exist in order to alter the course of our nations Papua New Guinea to achieve financial and economic independence, to be lenders and not borrowers.


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