Better Kandep Beyond 2017


Polye as a veteran politician, needs to step aside from active politic to maintain his personal and family integrity.

I expect some opposition and negative comments on this post by some fake and real conservative minded people by taking the truth as political gimmick. But as a citizen of Kandep I have to speak out the truth. As a saying goes "The triumph of evil is for the good man to keep silent and do nothing".

When Don Polye was elected to parliament in 2002 to represent the very humble but yet strong people of Kandep, all tribes and clans of Kandep valley came to a stand still to salute his victory. Polye was seen as a savior of the 21st century. All hopes and dreams were casted on him because he was a well educated person who won the Kandep seat.

Though he was a first timer to parliament, he was given works, transport and civil aviation minister (other ministerial portfolios added in the same term later). That particular ministerial portfolio (and others) were a real blessing to the people of Kandep and they (Kandep people) even expect more from him. Polye becomes the household name in each clans and family unit.

However, nothing was done in Kandep in his capacity as the MP for Kandep and a state minister in his first term in Parliament.
People's expectation were still on high note come 2007 election and the simple but yet strong people of Kandep thought that he didn't do NOTHING in Kandep from 2002 -2007 because that parliamentary term was Polye's first term to represent Kandep.

Still with high expectations the humble people of Kandep sent him back victoriously hoping that Polye will learn and come to know his weaknesses and by this parliament term he will do something greater or at least fulfill some of his campaign promises, he never did, 
Polye is an arrogant opportunity seeker.

However, Polye's eventful political story changes when he was hit hard by a court challenge. That was his opportunity to suck out Kandep's money. He blame the court system and took it as an excuse and said "I should do this and that but my legs and hands are tighten by court battle against me by Alfred Manase". Illiterate and poor people of Kandep who doesn't have any clue and idea about court system in the country came to believe Polye's fake and shit lies.

Taking advantages of the poor Kandep people's illiteracy, Polye enjoyed his corrupt practices in Kandep by sucking all the DSIP, ministerial funds and other donor funds to become filthy rich.

He bought expensive properties at the expenses of poor and suffering Kandep people in Australia.

He brought in foreign contractors in the pretext of construction of infrastructures (later was declared useless by authorities).As an opportunist  to suck money, he played his corrupt games so wisely that he can suck funds meant for the poor people that he boastfully represent.

Some of you may wonder, why I as the staunch supporter of Polye bring out everything to the limelight in the eve of national election. I don't want to keep silent and watch tyrant, arrogant and ignorant person to excel gaining heights while suppressing the poor people.

You may ask why these information are being revealed. Well this is why I always say that Polye is a Arrogant and Ignorant person full of hypocrisy. There are so much to put into the limelight but few under my capacity are as followed;

1. Polye's 15 years in political arena holding some high ranking ministerial portfolios and to the extreme of World Bank Chairman has got nothing to show in Kandep. He can boost about doing this and that in the national level, which I would like to think that planning is different from implementation. Anybody tom, dick and harry can plan...but it takes a man with true heart and spirit to actually implement his/her plans. I see Polye boost he planned this and that when he was the minister of such and such but really don't know how to implement. He is a coward in terms of service delivery. Nothing to show for in Kandep for that matter...5/7 years is enough to do a SWAT analysis and give at least a basics services to the poor people of Kandep because they rightfully deserve the best from the person whom Kandep people worship as a god.

2. Since Polye is is full of pride and ignorance, he take advantage of the poor people's illiteracy and give cash hand-out to the people who think that's what MP'S normally does. That's why though Polye is seen as incapable MP, he is still the household name. He take that opportunity and develop a cargo-cult mentality were all the illiterates still believes in his cash-give-out despite some awareness being done by students and educated elites.

3. He has always undermine and suppressed the local capacity and potentials.

3.1 Since Polye become MP, he never sponsored and Kandep student to do degree, masters or doctorate programs. He only send sent some of his tribes men to a very low class universities overseas and boosted that he sponsored Kandep students. Polye should go to hell in shame for camouflaging that he sponsored Kandep students to study overseas. He doesn't even give the best opportunity in education even if he didn't want to sponsor other Kandep students. 

3.2 Why do I say Polye undermines local potentials? one classic example is recent rugby league or Yapi Pasul Cup was staged in the heart of Kandep were all young people from within and around walking distance participated. Polye should have at least chip in something to boost the morals of the our young guns who are doing nothing at village and part taking in illegal activities. He has never done any thing good in youth development programs and yet he seemed clever to sponsor a rugby team in a Surinki village of Laiagam district with a K10000. Arrogant Polye is over ridden by ignorance. Why letting your very own youth yarn for such sponsorship and yet you went out of your electorate and sponsor those who even didn't asked for it? That's why critics may have your view but I Still maintain my stand that Polye is an arrogant person and not capable to be a leader because he cannot boost and build local capacity. All he want is only him to be the master and help lots of illiterates followers.

4. Arrogant Polye is full of hell ridden hypocrisy and ignorance. Currently, there is a terrible massacre going on within his tribes men and he totally cast blind eye on the killings (see picture attached). Polye supplies high powered machines guns to kill and destroy his very own poor people whom he boost to represent.
He enjoys chopper ride to every corners of Kandep dishing out fake cheques to lure votes while his tribes man are going around in a killing spree. Total ignorant by a well respected political leader and I wonder and questions how well he will manage big PNG.

5. I can tell you all my readers frankly that, Polye's actions and ignorant of not calling for a cease fire in the current genocide contradicts his THE party policy.

6. He is broke that's why he gave fake cheque knowing well that those illiterates will still believe in his fake cheque. He has already brain washed our so called kanakas before by free cash hand-out and those poor illiterates still believes in him as their cargo-cult-god so they still beleive in his fake cheques. Lately some people complained that they are still waiting at Wabag town for the cheque to be cleared by bank and it's almost 3 months. Arrogant Polye likes taking advantage of the poor Kandep people's illiteracy.

There are too many points to outline here, however, I will continue in my next post. Let me conclude by asking a pure and frankly a honest question.

If Polye's management of little Kandep can bring chaosness is all of Kandep without doing anything to minimize the social, economic and security problems in the on earth he gonna manage the affairs of big PNG. At least something should be shown in Kandep that will prove his capabilities to run this nation. Small Kandep is regressing under his leadership, i personally think big PNG will be a failed state under his leadership if he get his dreamed position (PM seat).

Without any grudges, let me be frank and tell Mr Polye that with out you beyond 2017 Kandep will prosper and progress so please I humbly ask you to step aside of politic and maintain your good and vatran political and personal integrity. If you still want to be a politician and become PM, go back to Kandep and clean your back yard which is full of shits from your corrupt practices. Otherwise it's time to call it a day in politic. Absolutely you won't step aside but just as usually I used to say on my posts, asking you to step aside is my personal suggestion.

Thank you and critics are welcomed I'm advance but please no personal attacks...rather rebut my points .

Thank you all.

Stanley David Kus Pake
Manda Aimbrep-Kikil Tribe
Pindak Village, Kandep


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