Even if you are one man standing up in the voting ward, stand up tall. This country needs only few fearless patriots to take back the country from criminals, politicians and foreigners alike in the disguise of good family wo/men, religious Christians, pastors, business wo/men and corporate citizens.

This request is made specifically to two significant groups whose input will determine the outcome of the election. Their contributions will be only 20% of their effort and resources but will have 80% impact.  The two groups are:
1.) The genuine intending candidates and their supports
2.) Security Personnel deployed in the electioneering period

The election is won in Electoral Commission office HQ in Hohola, Port Moresby first, approved by Wabag Electoral Office aka Election Manager and Provincial Returning Officer. So this is what you intending candidates, supporters of rival candidates, and patriots:

•       Get a print out of the last three general elections, and cross-check the roll updates
•       Make sure population increase in each respective polling wards are reasonable increments. For instance, Yumbilyiam eligible voting population is less than 700. If anything has risen, then, ensure what were the factors. Reduce the numbers by force or legal way.
•       Arm your scrutineers with mobile phones with video camera. Tell them to record the whole voting session.
•       The polling officers who are normally the incumbent’s supporters, forcing the voters to have 100 or so ballot papers, record them. There is no negotiation supposed to happen.
•       Keep a close eye on the District Administrators and their deputies because they are the Assistant Returning Officers (ARO). Their signature is more powerful than that of the election manager when it comes to validating who occupies the parliament seat designated to Kompiam Ambum
•       Keep a close eye on Provincial Election Manager and Return Officers’ move, it determines the whole election outcome. If it means seeking justice, do so.
•       When the boxes are distributed, make sure your troop is there and trail them until they reach destined polling wards. This is to avoid hijacking of ballot boxes. Don’t become like Lucas Neah and his supporters when his boxes where nearly hijacked by his tribesman and Pundari strongman and a Polling official, Derrick Nepao in 2012.
•       Clock the ballot box’s arrival and departure time and date to and from the polling ward
•       Make sure the Helicopters picking up ballot papers are empty prior to loading the boxes. If others found, ask the pilot and everyone else in that ride. Record those conversations too.
•       While you help security personnel guarding the ballot boxes at Wabag police HQ, ensure no extra boxes are dumped into the storage area. By slim chances, boxes containing generic ballot papers will be dumped in the mix. In the counting room you wont have much say because the security personnel who will obviously be bribed with cash, women, beer and promises will ensure you don’t make single noise.
•       But do keep a record of the security personnel’s’ details and involvements too while you record the anomalies
•       Lastly, if it means to die for righting the wrong, you will die an honorable death then dying from a suffocating conscience.

If resources needed to be spent, do so. That’s what you should be doing fixing the system and not going in chopper loads to buy votes in rural wards. Collaborate and corporate. Work as a team without hidden intentions. The last few elections candidates promised to work together but voting time comes and everyone is greedy and only few become sacrificial lambs. For instance, don’t be like Bill Miname and Jacky Naiyap Kangu who exchanged their boxes for lousy K40000 and a property, respectively. Work together including sharing your resources. Collaborate, coordinate and execute strategically from the start. Protect democracy by practicing democracy.

Most election frauds are carried out using the security personnel vehicles, involving the security personnel, and or happens in front of their eyes and are ignored. We understand the latter is a logical choice by security personnel given the one-sided affairs that transpires involving their superiors and incumbent. But we also think that those security personnel who hate corruption thus election fraud, you can do something worthwhile too without gaining attention. Here’s  few suggestions:

•       Arm yourself with a recording device like digital audio recorder, analogue mobile phones or high tech mobile phones
•       If your mobile phone has camera, take shots of those cheating at the polling boots
•       Record any conversation that leads to election fraud or cheating at the polling boots
•       Systematically record other fraudulent activities too; a simple paper and pen could do.
•       Present these evidences to rival candidates who are going into court of disputed return
•       You don’t need to be in the witness box, patriotic individuals will volunteer

Don’t be like the poor Gordons Barracks Police Officers asking for better home, pay and allowance but are eager to shoot and kill genuine protestors who peacefully raise flags signaling the lack of the very things they are shameless shedding tears. Do your bit, everyone deserves to live a better life consummated through their genuine efforts.

We believe these messages will also give insights to other electorates and provinces to root out these corrupt criminals in white cloaks. Don’t be ignorant and say “it only happens in the Highlands”. No! it doesn’t. We’re sorry to tell you that Highlanders are playing key advisory roles in Coastal & Islander individuals win. We the Highlanders are aware of the black magic and witchcrafts practitioners from coastal & islands that involve in individuals to win elections year in year out, too. Both are too common we can’t live in denial. People have allegedly died as a result of these twos powerful forces, too. The end result of these two forces is the same. The method to erase them both is the same with similar variances to suit the environment. Be vigilant. Don’t sleep. Or your country will be swept away the time you woke up from your slumber of self-ignorance.

To the patriots, don’t let the wealthy and or educated fools come con your conscience. Your conscience should be free of any material bidding obligations. Think about your children and your relatives and their children who can’t make it. They also deserve a better life in the rural areas too. Unfortunately, it will only be few people’s job to give everyone a chance to live out of slavery. Patriots role is to free the chain that is suppressing democracy, a gift since creation.

If it means to cutoff the hand that forces you to sin, the Bible approves of that – Mathew 5:30. Do so.

God grace us all in our fight to save the land and its inhabitants that You created and given to us to responsibly reign over. Amen.


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